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These Are (Probably) The Biggest Parenting Trends Of 2016

How many of these will you pin?

Pinterest recently released its Pinterest 100 board, which catalogues the 100 trends you're going to see the most in 2016 across its most popular categories.

The list is determined by trending pins in top categories, predictions from top pinners, and input from the editorial team at Pinterest.

So what kids and parenting trends are going to blow up big in 2016? According to Pinterest, these 10:

1. Nontoxic toys and products.

Finding products without the harmful chemicals found in some mainstream baby products is going to be a priority for many parents in 2016.

2. Teaching kids to code.

Kids who learn coding will not only be better prepared for the future, but develop their ability to use logic.

3. Sensory play.

Play activities that engage the senses — touch, smell, taste, sight, and hearing — greatly help in early child development.

4. Gender-neutral nurseries.

Gender-neutral options are going to be more charming than ever.

5. No-sew bandana bibs.

These easy and cute DIYs can be made using an old T-shirt.

6. Travel activities for kids.

Making travel easier in a plane, train, or automobile is going to be very 2016.

7. String lights as kid's room decorations.

These add a real dash of stylish flare to a kid's room.

8. Classic board games.

In 2016 parents are going to go "all in" on trying to get their kids to put down the technology and enjoy throwback games.

9. Talking about emotions.

Many of the pins you'll see will involve using Inside Out to get kids to understand and discuss their emotions.

10. Indoor games you can DIY.

This is how parents will keep kids from going stir-crazy this winter.

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