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These Hilarious Photos About Being A Mom Pull Absolutely No Punches

Sitting on the toilet with a baby on your lap? Check.

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Giedre Gomes is an Indiana-based mother and professional photographer who spends a lot of time shooting gorgeous, frame-worthy photos of mothers and their children.

Instagram: @picturesbygg

The thing is Gomes — a mother herself — knows her photos aren't exactly real life. Gomes told BuzzFeed, “My client pictures are usually dreamy shots of moms kissing babies in fields of flowers, and that's beautiful. But when I get home after the shoots I return to real life with my two boys — and there are no rainbows, unicorns, and butterflies.”

To show a more realistic view of motherhood, Gomes started a photo project that aimed to capture “the routine where every day is the same — breakfast, lunch, dinner, cooking, cleaning, dishes, laundry, driving...”

Gomes recruited some mom friends be in her photos after a search for models on Facebook proved fruitless. “Once I told them I needed someone to sit on the toilet butt-naked, they were like ‘Not for me!’ Thankfully my neighbor, Jamie, who is as crazy as me, said 'No problem!'”


Gomes said the reaction has been overwhelmingly positive, although some have criticized this photo, saying the child is too old to be breastfed.

Giedre Gomes / Via

“The boy might look bigger than he is,” Gomes said, “but he’s not even two. I wanted to show some breastfeeding pictures because I'm having a hard time weaning my son."