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This Dad's "Game Of Thrones" Illustrations Will Be Your Moment Of Happy Today

"Hot Winter is Coming!"

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Bruckner’s latest project is a tribute to Game of Thrones. Bruckner tells BuzzFeed, “As it got close to summer my daughter (who has a knack for saying funny things) said, 'Dad, I really like the Hot Winter!' and I instantly had a vision of Jon Snow saying "Hot Winter is Coming.”

Since Game of Thrones returns on July 16th — smack dab in the middle of “Hot Winter,” lol — Bruckner thought it would be fun to take the show's characters and put them into funny summer-y situations.


And The Starks — OMG — taking a lovely day at the beach.

Martin Bruckner / Via Facebook: spaghettitoes

"For years I've wanted to draw all of these incredible characters," Bruckner told BuzzFeed. "These characters are so special to people, and bringing them to life in a totally different way is something I had an incredible amount of fun doing."

Get ready, people! Hot Winter (and GOT) is almost here!