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    These Are The Top Parenting Searches On Pinterest In 2016 (So Far)

    The year may be young, but Pinterest fans have been busy, busy, busy.

    In December, Pinterest released the parenting trends it predicted were going to blow up big in 2016.

    Of course, now that it is 2016, Pinterest can look at actual data instead of just making predictions, and today it announced the top parenting searches of the year so far.

    So what are parents searching the most so far in 2016? According to Pinterest, these 10:

    1. Create your own nebula in a bottle.

    2. Books parents should read to their kids before they grow up.

    3. No-sandwich lunch ideas.

    4. Bilingual Spanish/English apps and websites for kids.

    5. Firework salt paintings.

    6. Galaxy slime.

    7. Make your own jellyfish in a jar.

    8. Tabletop biospheres.

    9. Epic cardboard forts.

    10. Writing practice using shaving cream.