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    These Are The Top Parenting Searches On Pinterest In 2016 (So Far)

    The year may be young, but Pinterest fans have been busy, busy, busy.

    In December, Pinterest released the parenting trends it predicted were going to blow up big in 2016.

    In addition to gender-neutral nurseries, Pinterest's predictions included no-sew bandana bibs, indoor games you can DIY, and teaching kids to code.

    Of course, now that it is 2016, Pinterest can look at actual data instead of just making predictions, and today it announced the top parenting searches of the year so far.

    Columbia Pictures

    I know β€” the year is still early β€” but let's not let that spoil our fun.

    So what are parents searching the most so far in 2016? According to Pinterest, these 10:

    1. Create your own nebula in a bottle. / Via

    This easy DIY activity is perfect for space-loving kids.

    2. Books parents should read to their kids before they grow up. / Via

    Where the Wild Things Are and The Stinky Cheese Man are a couple classics parents are cracking open with their kids.

    3. No-sandwich lunch ideas. / Via

    Banish the bread.

    4. Bilingual Spanish/English apps and websites for kids. / Via

    Parents are using technology to teach their kids a second language.

    5. Firework salt paintings. / Via

    This incredibly cool painting can be made using things you more than likely already have around the house.

    6. Galaxy slime. / Via

    Sensory play was one of the trends Pinterest predicted would be big in 2016, and galaxy slime is the definition of cool sensory play.

    7. Make your own jellyfish in a jar. / Via

    This is way cheaper than an aquarium β€” no wonder parents are searching it like crazy!

    8. Tabletop biospheres. / Via

    This one will require a trip to the tropical fish store, but it's amazing for teaching kids about science.

    9. Epic cardboard forts. / Via

    This top search makes me think parents are looking for something to do with all of the leftover boxes from the holidays.

    10. Writing practice using shaving cream. / Via

    This no-mess activity is great for kids just learning to write, but you're going to need a whole lot of paper towels on hand.

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