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    The List Of The Top Baby Names In 2016 Is Out

    Is your baby's name on the list?

    BabyCenter just released its annual report on the year's most popular baby names, and it included some very interesting trends.

    Perhaps because 2016 was a shitstorm, many parents named their babies after horror characters, like The Walking Dead's Tyreese (up 48% since 2015), Hershel (up 37%), and Carol (up 18%).


    Also on the rise were names from Stranger Things: Dustin (up 32%), Mike (up 28%), and Joyce (up 23%).


    Iris — the name of Kathy Bates's murderous front desk clerk in American Horror Story: Hotel — was up too (16% from 2015).


    Another trend was to name babies after superheroes — especially those with a dark side. Banner (as in Dr. Bruce Banner, aka the Hulk) was up 48% over 2015.

    Harley (as in Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad) was up big too — 35%.

    Warner Bros.

    Other superhero-related names: Scarlett (up 20%), after Johansson’s roles in The Avengers and Captain America; Tony (up 16%) from Iron Man; and Jessica (up 9%) of Marvel Comics’ Jessica Jones.

    One more trend: Parents of baby girls named their bundles of joy after powerful women. Hillary, for example, rose 64%.

    Ivanka was up 39%.

    ivankatrump / Via

    Ellen increased by 30%.

    And Venus was up 26%.

    But enough about trends! Here are the top 10 lists for 2016:

    Flickr: scottiet812 / Via Creative Commons

    1. Jackson
    2. Aiden
    3. Lucas
    4. Liam
    5. Noah
    6. Ethan
    7. Mason
    8. Caden
    9. Oliver
    10. Elijah

    Flickr: cbrighton / Via Creative Commons

    1. Sophia
    2. Emma
    3. Olivia
    4. Ava
    5. Mia
    6. Isabella
    7. Riley
    8 Aria
    9. Zoe
    10. Charlotte

    To see the full top 100 names of 2016, and for all the naming-trend news you could ever need, visit BabyCenter.

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