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    These Are (Probably) The Hottest Parenting Trends Of 2017

    According to the experts at Pinterest.

    Pinterest recently released its Pinterest 100 board, which predicts the 100 trends you’re going to see the most in 2017 across its most popular categories.


    For you statistics fans, here's how they determined this: Pinterest’s Insights team analyzed saving and search data from 2016 to identify 100 trends in 10 of the top categories that show a sizable year over year increase in interest (>25%), critical mass (more than 500k Saves on the topic) and a strong upward trend during the final 3-6 months of the year.

    So what kids and parenting trends does Pinterest think we'll be pinning like crazy in 2017? These 10:

    1. Homemade popsicles.

    Up 44%, these cool treats will thrill kids whether their eating or making them.

    2. Fairy gardens.

    Up 106%, these gardens are guaranteed to add a little magic to your backyard.

    3. Woodland nursery design.

    Up 97% in the last year, these adorable nurseries are unlike any you've seen before.

    4. Development through play.

    Up 35%, these activities are so fun your kids won’t even realize they’re learning.

    5. Classic baby names.

    Classic baby names will be big in 2017 after a 78% increase year over year.

    6. Fingerplays.

    Up 70%, fingerplays are a terrific way to help toddlers and preschoolers learn numbers.

    7. Story starters.

    Up 121% in the last year, these story prompts encourage kids to explore their creativity by writing — or even just telling — their own epic story.

    8. Virtual reality gear.

    Up 65%, virtual reality is where kids are going to be next year.

    9. Learning Spanish.

    Up a whopping 305% — parents clearly are looking for easy ways to teach their kids Spanish.

    10. Road trips.

    Road trips are up 33%, so you can bet a lot of families will be out on the road in 2017.