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    These Are The Most Amazing Places To Take Kids In All 50 States

    We've got your next 50 family vacations covered.

    Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

    Alabama: The U.S. Space and Rocket Center

    —recommended by kfw3567

    "Is your kid into space? If so, they'll love this museum in Huntsville that gives an up-close look at the rockets, achievements, and artifacts of the U.S. space program. Billed by some as 'Earth's largest space museum,' it's an awesome place to learn about space."

    — BuzzFeed Parents

    Also check out: Orange Beach.

    Alaska: Denali National Park

    denalitours / Via

    "You and your kids can experience the wonders of the Alaskan wilderness in this 6-million acre park. See authentic dinosaur tracks, sled dogs, and North America's tallest peak, Mount McKinley."

    —BuzzFeed Parents

    Also check out: El Dorado Gold Mine in Fairbanks.

    Arizona: Old Tucson

    oldtucson / Via

    "This film studio and theme park is great for younger kids — plenty of old western attractions, shoot-out shows, and real old western movie sets. It’s similar to Tombstone but this is all an old movie set and not an actual town."


    Also check out: The Arizona Sonoran Desert Museum, The Grand Canyon.

    Arkansas: Crater of Diamonds State Park

    joellebrowning / Via

    "A place I think is great is Crate of Diamonds State Park in Murfreesboro (southern Arkansas) where you can dig for diamonds. Yes, it is a lot of work, but it can be really fun!"


    Also check out: The Scott Family Amazeum.

    California: Children's Fairyland

    sondralovesmountains / Via

    "It's a storybook theme park in Oakland, California, and what helped to inspire Walt Disney to design Disneyland! It has almost no automated rides, just slides, play structures and pure magical goodness! You can’t go in without a child so take advantage of having one because those of us who grew up going still dream about it every night."


    Also check out: Disneyland, Solvang, The Mystery Spot.

    Colorado: Casa Bonita

    "For sure Casa Bonita in Denver, Colorado. It’s a total dive (pun intended) but kids love it. It has a 30-foot waterfall and stage shows featuring cliff divers, pirates, gorilla suits...all inside a restaurant! Plus it has arcade games and a cave! So cool as a kid, but you just want to wash your hands every 3 minutes as an adult."


    Also check out: Garden of the Gods.

    Connecticut: The Essex Steam Train and Riverboat

    samdangremond / Via

    —suggested by jennies4783ed5b8

    "Kids will have a blast stepping back in time for a ride on a vintage steam train followed by a trip on a riverboat. The views are terrific too. Side note: the Santa Special/North Pole Express excursions at Christmastime are fantastic fun."

    — BuzzFeed Parents

    Also check out: Mystic Seaport, The Mark Twain House and Museum.

    Delaware: Funland

    funlandrehoboth / Via

    "This family friendly, family-owned amusement park on the Rehoboth Beach boardwalk has been the best spot to spend a summer night for over 50 years. What’s best — most boardwalk games are only $1 to play and the most you’ll pay to ride any of their amusement rides, big or small, is $1.75!"


    Also check out: Delaware Children's Museum.

    Florida: St. Augustine

    ColonialQuarter / Via Instagram: @colonialquarter

    "St. Augustine in Florida is my favorite vacation spot. I love the old buildings."


    "St. Augustine is the oldest city in the nation, and has lots of fun, historic things for kids to see like Colonial Quarter (featuring three centuries of the city's history), The Oldest Wooden School House, and the Pirate and Treasure Museum."

    — BuzzFeed Parents

    Also check out: Disney World, Gatorland.

    Georgia: Georgia Aquarium

    "The Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta for sure. The dolphin (and now seal) shows are amazing. There are animal 'touch' stations throughout. Last time we were there, they had a search activity for kids. It is a whole days worth of fun."


    Also check out: Babyland General — Home of the Cabbage Patch Kids!

    Hawaii: Dole Plantation

    cancan22 / Via

    "Kids will enjoy learning about the history of pineapple in Hawaii, but love riding on the express train, running through the garden maze, and wolfing down a delicious DoleWhip at this Oahu funspot."

    —BuzzFeed Parents

    Also check out: USS Arizona Memorial, Molokini.

    Idaho: Wahooz Fun Zone


    "We have an awesome indoor adventure park called Wahooz that is so much fun for the kids! Right next door is our waterpark, Roaring Springs, that you can enter from Wahooz when it's open in the summertime!"


    Also check out: The World Center for Birds of Prey.

    Illinois: Museum of Science and Industry

    josereyes162 / Via

    "I had the best memories going there as a kid. So many cool exhibits/tours that will keep kids occupied for the entire day: Coal Mine Tour, Yesterday's Main Street (with old-time theater and ice cream shop included), Swiss Jolly Ball, U-505 Submarine Tour, Mirror Maze. Hands down the most fun museum in Chicago!"


    Also check out: Wrigley Field, Chicago Children's Museum.

    Indiana: The Children's Museum of Indianapolis

    tim_sizemore / Via

    "It's the largest children’s museum in the world! Gotta see it!"


    Also check out: Indiana Caverns.

    Iowa: Blue Bunny Ice Cream Parlor and Museum

    itsmejillg / Via

    "In LeMars (aka The Ice Cream Capital of the World), your kids can enjoy some of the best ice cream around while also touring a mini-museum about the history of Blue Bunny ice cream. Lots of great photo opps too!"

    —BuzzFeed Parents

    Also check out: King's Pointe Water Park and Resort.

    Kansas: Botanica Gardens

    botanicawichita / Via Instagram: @botanicawichita

    "Botanica in Wichita is a must-visit location, especially the children's garden. There are all sorts of fun, hands-on activities in a natural setting, and the treehouse made out of 'monster' faces are my favorite part. Plus, they host crafts, story time, and educational sessions for kids of all ages."


    Also check out: Oz Museum

    Kentucky: Kentucky Horse Park

    kyhorsepark / Via

    "The Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington. We used to go there all the time when I was little."


    "This educational theme park has three museums dedicated to all things horses, an impressive 'parade of horse breeds' show, horse rides, and more! Horse-loving kids especially will flip for this place."

    —BuzzFeed Parents

    Also check out: Kentucky Down Under

    Louisiana: New Orleans City Park

    neworleanscitypark / Via Instagram: @neworleanscitypark

    —suggested by emilyb4444

    "This beautiful, sprawling park has lots kids can get excited about including Storyland (featuring fairy tale fun), an amusement park with an unforgettable antique wooden carousel, and lots of playgrounds."

    —BuzzFeed Parents

    Also check out: Louisiana Children's Museum.

    Maine: Acadia National Park

    miriams_pix / Via

    "So beautiful!"


    "This gorgeous park is made up of 47,000 acres featuring a wide range of nature (from mountains to forests), and has lots of animals to see like whales, moose, foxes and toads. Natural beauty at its finest!"

    —BuzzFeed Parents

    Also check out: Palace Playland

    Maryland: Watkins Regional Park

    "The whole park in Upper Marlboro is great, but they have an amazing Wizard of Oz playground! There's also a miniature train and playing fields. The adults love it as much as the kids!"


    Also check out: Assateague Island state park.

    Massachusetts: The Amazing World of Dr. Seuss Museum

    mrs.picturethis / Via

    —suggested by emilym158

    "The first floor features family-friendly, interactive fun that will let you and your kids disappear into the wordplay, rhymes, and stories of the legendary writer. Upstairs is also cool — an exhibit that digs into Seuss' creative process."

    —BuzzFeed Parents

    Also check out: Plimoth Plantation, New England Aquarium.

    Michigan: Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village

    john_mousseau / Via

    "My kids adore taking rides in Model T Fords, riding on the 1912 carousel, and, of course, the enormous construction-themed playground." —ritai5

    "You'll see lots of historic artifacts at the museum like the car President Kennedy was riding in when he was assassinated, George Washington's camp bed, and the bus Rosa Parks was arrested on for not giving up her seat. Greenfield Village is an outdoor living-history museum where you get to walk among real historical buildings and learn how life used to be."

    —BuzzFeed Parents

    Also check out: Mackinac Island, Michigan's Adventure

    Minnesota: Duluth

    georgeduluth / Via Instagram: @georgeduluth

    "It's by far the best place to vacation in Minnesota with your family. The place has it all: hiking, biking (fat-tires are a local favorite), rock climbing, even surfing on Lake Superior for the outdoor types. Visit the downtown and waterfront area to eat (at the locally-owned restaurants and family-friendly microbreweries), check out the aquarium to learn about the fish in the lake, and, of course, see all the beautiful landmarks of the port city, like the Aerial Lift Bridge!"


    Also check out: The Mall of America

    Mississippi: B.B. King Museum


    "It might not be great for little kids, but kids, say, six and up should be thrilled to learn about the history of the blues in Mississippi, and the life and times of one of its greatest legends, B.B. King."

    —BuzzFeed Parents

    Also check out: Mississippi Children's Museum.

    Missouri: Silver Dollar City

    tuxedocoattails / Via

    "There are lots of things to do in Branson, but this is my favorite. It's an amusement park set in the 1800s!"


    "Step back into history and learn about the past — and enjoy some roller coasters and other rides!"

    —BuzzFeed Parents

    Also check out: The Magic House

    Montana: Museum of the Rockies

    girlwiththepenguintattoo / Via

    "It’s all things dinosaurs and interactive science. Every kid's dream."


    Also check out: Glacier National Park, Great Plains Dinosaur Museum.

    Nebraska: Henry Doorly Zoo

    jumpingtoad / Via

    "Not only is it a world-class zoo with one of the largest indoor jungles, a long glass tunnel in the aquarium, and the world's largest glazed geodesic dome (housing a desert), but they just keep improving! They just opened an enormous play/education area complete with treehouse and stream you can play in. Well worth the trip to Omaha!"


    Also check out: Lincoln Children's Museum.

    Nevada: Mandalay Bay's Shark Reef Aquarium

    gvelez14 / Via

    "The Shark Reef Aquarium is a total sensory experience under the sea with fantastic sights, sounds, and encounters (there's even a 1.3 million gallon shipwreck teeming with sharks and fish that you can view at an almost 360-degree angle)."

    —BuzzFeed Parents

    Also check out: Neon Boneyard Museum

    New Hampshire: Clark's Trading Post

    Clark's Trading Post / Via Instagram: @clarkstradingpost

    "Clark’s Trading Post is definitely a quirky place. Trained bears eating ice cream, a wolf man, steam engine, and Segway rides. The fudge is good too!"


    Also check out: Diana’s Bath.

    New Jersey: Storybook Land

    littlekidnyc / Via

    "When I was little we always went to Storybook Land. It had all of these little scenarios set up and was literally like a giant storybook. I loved going there!"


    "You and your kids can literally walk through your all-time favorite stories and nursery rhymes!"

    —BuzzFeed Parents

    Also check out: Diggerland, Wild Wild West, Space Farms Zoo.

    New Mexico: Cliff's Amusement Park

    Cliff's Amusement Park / Via

    "I live in Albuquerque, New Mexico. You take your kids to Cliff's. No questions asked. It's just where you take the kids."


    Also check out: Carlsbad Caverns.

    New York: The Strong National Museum of Play

    "I cannot express just how cool this place in Rochester is! You can walk down Sesame Street, run around with a shopping cart in the mini Wegmans supermarket, and play in the arcade and giant pirate ship! There's even a butterfly garden! And that's not even half of it!" —k4873409ca

    Also check out: Coney Island, The Bronx Zoo.

    North Carolina: Marbles Kids Museum

    ilovelaurenalexa / Via

    —suggested by maylagilliam

    "Your kid will use their imagination and learn while playing in a variety of ingeniously fun ways."

    —BuzzFeed Parents

    Also check out: Pullen Park, Carowinds.

    North Dakota: Medora

    trekaroo / Via

    "Great for all ages and boatload of fun stuff to do."


    "Medora is North Dakota's #1 travel destination, and has lots of fun, kid-friendly shows, opportunities to explore nature, and delicious food!"

    —BuzzFeed Parents

    Also check out: Fort Abraham Lincoln.

    Ohio: Cedar Point Amusement Park

    Cedarpoint / Via

    "It is so underrated! 18 unique roller coasters, 3 kids-themed areas, plays and shows, a luxurious beach, three mesmerizing hotels, and a huge waterpark. You can also bring an RV or rent a cabin. Great place — it’s one of my family’s traditions!"


    Also check out:
    Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

    Oklahoma: Science Museum Oklahoma

    sciencemuseumok / Via

    "There are two floors of interactive science exhibits. Everything from electricity to weather. The top floor also has traveling art pieces or science exhibitions and a whole room of optical illusions. There's also a planetarium and they do live science shows. We can spend a whole day there and not even realize it!"


    Also check out: Cherokee Heritage Museum.

    Oregon: Sea Lions Caves

    ashberrie / Via

    "It's America's largest sea cave, and gives you the amazing opportunity to see sea lions plus sea birds and whales!"

    —BuzzFeed Parents

    Also check out: OMSI (Oregon Museum of Science and Industry), Sisters.

    Pennsylvania: Hersheypark

    mmanno0207I / Via

    "Without a doubt, Hersheypark. It has waterslides, rollercoasters, adorable characters, and, most of all, chocolate! it is as much fun for a five-year-old as a teenager — there's a ride, slide, or even just a piece of candy for literally anyone and everyone. Unless you hate fun."


    Also check out: Presque Isle State Park.

    Rhode Island: Big Nazo Puppet Workshop

    abuttercup / Via

    "This is a more low-key experience, but an unforgettable one. You can visit the workshop where they make incredible, giant foam puppets, and get a good look at the process. The creators are happy to discuss how they do what they do too!"

    —BuzzFeed Parents

    Also check out: RISD Museum of Art.

    South Carolina: EdVenture Children's Museum

    "This place makes learning fun — and it has the world's largest ten-year old boy!"


    Also check out: Broadway at the Beach, Riverbanks Zoo and Garden.

    South Dakota: Mount Rushmore

    travelable_we_love_to_travel / Via

    "You and your kids can enjoy The Black Hills of South Dakota while also taking in this iconic National Historical Landmark. There's lots to be learned about American history, and there are many special events too!"

    —BuzzFeed Parents

    Also check out: Custer State Park, Badlands National Park.

    Tennessee: Ruby Falls

    karenvonfeldt / Via

    —suggested by a4b6d9f613

    "This breathtaking underground waterfall in Chattanooga is sure to leave your kids' mouths agape in awe!"

    —BuzzFeed Parents

    Also check out: Rock City.

    Texas: The River Walk

    vidhi127 / Via

    "The River Walk in San Antonio offers a terrific view of the river — and all the stores and restaurants around it are fun for the family."


    Also check out: Enchanted Rock, Schlitterbahn Waterparks and Resorts.

    Utah: Arches National Park

    howelovely / Via

    "It’s like you’re on an alien planet. There’s also lots of dinosaur fossils which are pretty damn cool."


    Also check out: The wAIRhouse Indoor Trampoline Park, Lagoon.

    Vermont: Echo Leahy Center

    carsforjackson / Via

    —suggested by moriahl40a67a2a8

    "Kids will get to see 70 species of fish, amphibians, invertebrates, and reptiles, and also take in traveling exhibits and multimedia. Very cool!"

    —BuzzFeed Parents

    Also check out: Hildene.

    Virginia: The Cascades / Via Creative Commons

    "It's awesome — a 4-mile round-trip hike in Giles County with a gorgeous waterfall at the top. There's an easy path and an 'advanced' trail to get there, and it's easy enough for kids 5 and up to make at a leisurely pace. The woods are beautiful and peaceful, plus, in the summer, the mountain-fed water is cold and refreshing for a dip to wash away the hike sweat. My kids (6 and 11) love going."


    Also check out: George Washington's Mount Vernon.

    Washington: Leavenworth

    melissabennett / Via

    "Awesome town! The place was modeled on a Bavarian town — really fun!"


    Also check out: Pike Place Market, The Space Needle.

    West Virginia: The Mothman Museum

    arielfaraci / Via

    "In 1966, the Point Pleasant Register printed an article entitled: 'Couples See Man-Sized Bird ... Creature ... Something.' Soon other people claimed to have seen this creature (aka The Mothman), and The Mothman may have even been responsible for a tragic bridge crash that killed 46 people. What's that? Hooey, you say? Well, real or not, kids will get a kick out of this small museum dedicated to this West Virginian legend."

    —BuzzFeed Parents

    Also check out: Museum of Radio and Technology.

    Wisconsin: Wisconsin Dells

    dellsarmyducks / Via

    "It's the waterpark capital of the world. Not only are there many amusement parks and waterparks, but you can take tours on the Dells Army Ducks and learn about the history of the Dells."


    Also check out: Harley-Davidson Museum, Cave of the Mounds.

    Wyoming: Buffalo Bill Center of the West

    wanderfilledlife / Via

    "The Buffalo Bill Center of the West in Cody is way cool."


    "This is the most comprehensive museum around dedicated to Buffalo Bill and, more extensively, the history of the West. Guaranteed to interest (most) kids."

    —BuzzFeed Parents

    Also check out: Fort Bridger, Devil's Tower National Monument.

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