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These Are The Items Parents Say You Do And Don't Need For A Baby

BuzzFeed Life polled more than 100,000 parents on whether you really need a Diaper Genie, baby food maker, and more.

Last week, BuzzFeed Life polled around 130,000 parents about the worthiness of 21 popular baby items. Here's what they had to say:

1. Do new parents need a bath thermometer?

Jenny Chang/BuzzFeed

Most parents are fine with the finger test.

2. How about a Pee-Pee Teepee?

Jenny Chang/BuzzFeed

Eighty-seven percent of parents said this product has little more to offer than a cute name.

3. A bottle warmer?

Jenny Chang/BuzzFeed

It was a surprise to see that almost half of all parents swear by the bottle warmer.

4. What about Boogie Wipes?

Jenny Chang/BuzzFeed

Most parents don't feel the need to buy another type of wipe.

5. A diaper stacker?

Jenny Chang/BuzzFeed

Apparently finding a place to store diapers isn't an issue for most parents.

6. A baby food maker?

Jenny Chang/BuzzFeed

Seventy-nine percent of parents think a regular blender can do the job just as well.

7. Special laundry detergent for babies?

Jenny Chang/BuzzFeed

Parents are nearly evenly split on how to wash their baby's clothes.

8. A diaper genie?

Jenny Chang/BuzzFeed

The Diaper Genie has as many fans as it does naysayers.

9. A wipes warmer?

Jenny Chang/BuzzFeed

This item left most parents cold.

10. Pacifier wipes?

Jenny Chang/BuzzFeed

Nineteen percent of babies have never known the taste of a fuzzy pacifier.

11. A nursing pillow?

Jenny Chang/BuzzFeed

Surprisingly, nearly 40% of moms think a "boppy" does more harm than good.

12. A formula mixer?

Jenny Chang/BuzzFeed

By an overwhelming margin, parents think this is an unnecessary extravagance.

13. A baby carrier?

Jenny Chang/BuzzFeed

New parents better hope their local store "carries" these.

14. Baby shoes before six months of age?

Jenny Chang/BuzzFeed

Eighty-one percent of parents can resist the temptation of the adorable but functionless baby shoe.

15. A baby video monitor?

Jenny Chang/BuzzFeed

Slightly more than half of parents want the security of a monitor.

16. Sophie the Giraffe?

Jenny Chang/BuzzFeed

Sophie is trendy, but 39% are believers.

17. A traditional high chair?

Jenny Chang/BuzzFeed

Seventy-two percent of parents want to do things the old-fashioned way.

18. A baby care timer?

Jenny Chang/BuzzFeed

Nine out of 10 parents say that if you've got a cell phone, you're good.

19. A baby swing?

Jenny Chang/BuzzFeed

It don't mean a thing if you ain't got that swing.

20. A changing table?

Jenny Chang/BuzzFeed

Two-thirds of parents prefer the traditional changing table.

21. A baby in-sight auto mirror?

Jenny Chang/BuzzFeed

This was close, but most parents elect for the mirror's peace of mind.

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