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These Are Hands Down The Funniest Kids Of 2018

Taking kidding to the next level.

1. This kid who is going places...guaranteed:

2. The "No!" kid who single-handedly launched a viral meme:

People came up with some pretty LOL-tastic captions for his emphatic "No!"

3. This kid who — after his high school teacher gave him an assignment to write a cover letter as a Marvel character — came up with this brilliant shortcut:

4. This cutie who took Halloween to the next level with this Darla from Finding Nemo costume:

Can y’all guess who my niece was

Spot on, don't you think?

5. And this 13-year-old who decided to be a "tired mom" for Halloween:

6. This poor kid who (sort of) learned how to use the water dispenser in 2018:

My little brother learned how to use the water dispenser for our fridge and...

7. This girl who undoubtedly became a school legend on "Crazy Hair Day":

8. This kid who had a very clever (and very funny) idea how to draw the perfect cat:

9. This kid who is almost definitely our next best-selling humor author...

10. ...and this kid who is already writing hilariously off-kilter lyrics:

11. This kid who is the cutest little partner in crime ever:

12. And this kid who — oh, no she didn't — blessed us with this always-going-to-be-funny photo:

13. This kid who singlehandedly made the 4th of July the year's funniest holiday:

14. This sweet boy who didn't quite get what his dad was saying, and thank goodness for that:

15. This kid who loves SpongeBob and trolling her parents:

16. And this 14-year-old kid (and likely Harry Potter fan) who trolled his sister as only a little brother can:

17. This kid who forever changed how people think about the months of the year:

You will never look at a calendar the same way after you watch this

18. This little girl who is all of us trying pizza for the first time:

19. And finally, we must pay tribute to Timothy, who started 2018 off with a bang by sending this epic tweet: