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    21 Times 90-Year-Olds Made Us Feel A Whole Lot Better About Growing Old

    Your tenth decade will be your best decade.

    1. This "dope" nonagenarian who still enjoys a good drinking game.

    brodyjump / Via

    2. This World War II vet who still hits the gym (and looks like it).

    danielisaaclee / Via

    3. And this 90-year-old woman who hits the gym every day (but also loves Halloween).

    afcollegeville / Via

    4. These literal #BFFgoals who are celebrating 180 years between them.

    nepolishprincess / Via

    5. This nonagenarian whose filter game is on point.

    rienevaplus / Via

    6. This enterprising 92-year-old who still works.

    yodajirouemon / Via

    7. This real-life hero who still feeds his McDonald's craving in his tenth decade.

    humble_bug / Via

    8. And this style maven who is making bold choices (with matching hair and lipstick!) in hers.

    patgrimm / Via

    9. This grandfather (and great grandfather) who is rocking a cooler shirt and hat than I have in my entire wardrobe.

    l3k5_diamondz / Via

    And, btw, when you're 90 you can wear Crocs and not care what anyone thinks.

    10. This great aunt who is casually posing at a party looking like a million bucks.

    http://mrs.g.rider / Via

    11. This still active farmer who has no interest in sitting on the porch.

    doclowe / Via

    His grandson wrote on this Instagram: "Dropped by my grandpa's farm on the way back from a farm call this week. He's busy getting the air drill ready for seeding some winter wheat.... at 90 years old."

    12. This nonagenarian who is still rockin'.

    felicitydarling / Via

    13. This dapper gent who must be told on a daily basis, "There is no way you're 90!"

    theonewilson / Via

    14. This grandma who is probably more fun than 97.3% of your friends.

    daamnn_gina / Via

    15. This grandfather who is enjoying a "fish and chips" Friday (and a glass of beer) with his grandson.

    mike_foodandfitness / Via

    16. This great grandmother who still enjoys tickling the ivories.

    mariesaisbell / Via

    17. This stylish nonagenarian who was born for Instagram.

    qiqiruan / Via

    18. This grandpa whose comic timing is still perfect.

    tev019 / Via

    19. And this great grandma who can still pull faces with the best of them.

    jplans / Via

    20. This birthday boy who earned those balloons.

    sarah_ph95 / Via

    21. And this nonagenarian who is still kicking ass, taking names, and winning awards.

    york0205 / Via

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