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    People Are Naming Their Babies After "Game Of Thrones" Characters More Than Ever In 2019

    Some mom somewhere: "You've got to meet baby Khaleesi!"

    If you've clicked on this post you undoubtedly know that the final season of Game of Thrones kicks off this Sunday.

    People are VERY excited about this, but some are more excited than others as BabyCenter — the pregnancy and parenting website that tracks baby name trends — realized while preparing their list of the baby names they predict will be big in 2019.

    What they found — while comparing data from the first quarter of 2019 to data from last year — is that Game of Thrones names saw a major jump in popularity. Yep, it appears fans are taking baby-naming inspiration from the show in anticipation of Season 8.

    Ellaria is up 53% in 2019, ascending to a ranking of 5,994, as opposed to 12,645 in 2018.

    The name Stark has seen more modest gains, but is still up 9% in 2019, rising from 7,592 to 6,937.

    Also seeing modest gains was Khaleesi, which is up 7% (#532 in 2018, #493 in 2019).

    Jorah, meanwhile, saw a sizable jump in popularity, going from 10,900 last year to 6,959 in 2019 — a gain of 36%.

    Finally, more babies are being named Tyrion in 2019. The name is up 20%, going from 2,657 last year to 2,126 this year.

    Will the events of Season 8 inspire other Game of Thrones-themed names to rise in popularity?

    You can read all of BabyCenter's name predictions for 2019, or play games to find out what Game of Thrones name you should give your baby girl or baby boy.