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    Men Are Having Baby Showers And Calling Them Dadchelor Parties

    It's like a baby shower but...different.

    Baby showers have long been a rite of passage for expectant mothers.

    Flickr: vanillaandlaceblog / Via Creative Commons

    Generally, baby showers are women-only affairs that exclude the father-to-be or or simply have him appear briefly at the end.

    But a trend that is catching fire of late is the "dadchelor party" — a baby shower thrown for a dad-to-be.

    While this isn't a totally new phenomenon, these parties have seen a sudden increase in popularity. According to Pinterest, ideas for man showers are up 149% in the last year alone.

    Dadchelor parties feel like a cousin of traditional baby showers — you see the resemblance, but they're definitely their own thing.

    Take this invitation, for example:

    Or this one:

    Dadchelor parties also tend to have unique themes, like this "Dress like a dad" party:

    "Poker night" is also a popular theme:

    A lot of these parties — like this golf-themed one — involve getting out of the house and doing something active:

    There are treats at dadchelor parties, of course, and they lean heavily toward "guy humor." A good example is this cake:

    "From beer bottles to baby bottles..."

    These baby-poop-topped cupcakes:

    These "little swimmers" cupcakes:

    And this Rice Krispies Treat, which was hilariously shaped in the image of one dad-to-be's glowing partner:

    The party games — like this "pin the sperm on the uterus" challenge — probably won't be appearing at a traditional baby shower anytime soon:

    Ditto for this sperm-themed cornhole toss:

    However, some games — like this diaper-changing competition — will look very familiar to baby shower veterans:

    And, uh, men do the candy bar/poopy diaper challenge too:

    Dadchelor parties also have diaper cakes — check out this beer-themed one:

    This Chicago Bears diaper cake is pretty epic, too:

    When it comes to gifts, dads-to-be tend to come away with A LOT of diapers. But they also receive funny gifts, like this "prepared dad" apron:

    Men can expect to get their share of funny onesies, too, like this one with this dad-to-be's face on it:

    Dad and blogger Phil Palmer — who recently had a "Dudes and Diapers" party — found it to be a very valuable experience.

    Phill Palmer / Via

    “Pregnancy is a very detached process for a husband — during those nine months all of the kicks and other physical feelings related to becoming a parent happen to the woman," Palmer told BuzzFeed. "The party allowed me to talk freely to my friends and feel connected to my baby before her birth.”

    Scott Steinberg — professional speaker and author of the best-selling Modern Parent’s Guide series — is also a fan, saying, "What’s cool about dadchelor parties is that men are embracing the concept of fatherhood a lot more actively these day."

    "We give prospective moms the opportunity to connect, have fun and celebrate the joy of being an impending parent," Steinberg says. "There’s no reason dads shouldn’t have the same opportunity."

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