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    Men Are Having Baby Showers And Calling Them Dadchelor Parties

    It's like a baby shower but...different.

    Baby showers have long been a rite of passage for expectant mothers.

    But a trend that is catching fire of late is the "dadchelor party" — a baby shower thrown for a dad-to-be.

    Dadchelor parties feel like a cousin of traditional baby showers — you see the resemblance, but they're definitely their own thing.

    Take this invitation, for example:

    Or this one:

    Dadchelor parties also tend to have unique themes, like this "Dress like a dad" party:

    "Poker night" is also a popular theme:

    A lot of these parties — like this golf-themed one — involve getting out of the house and doing something active:

    There are treats at dadchelor parties, of course, and they lean heavily toward "guy humor." A good example is this cake:

    These baby-poop-topped cupcakes:

    These "little swimmers" cupcakes:

    And this Rice Krispies Treat, which was hilariously shaped in the image of one dad-to-be's glowing partner:

    The party games — like this "pin the sperm on the uterus" challenge — probably won't be appearing at a traditional baby shower anytime soon:

    Ditto for this sperm-themed cornhole toss:

    However, some games — like this diaper-changing competition — will look very familiar to baby shower veterans:

    And, uh, men do the candy bar/poopy diaper challenge too:

    Dadchelor parties also have diaper cakes — check out this beer-themed one:

    This Chicago Bears diaper cake is pretty epic, too:

    When it comes to gifts, dads-to-be tend to come away with A LOT of diapers. But they also receive funny gifts, like this "prepared dad" apron:

    Men can expect to get their share of funny onesies, too, like this one with this dad-to-be's face on it:

    Dad and blogger Phil Palmer — who recently had a "Dudes and Diapers" party — found it to be a very valuable experience.

    Scott Steinberg — professional speaker and author of the best-selling Modern Parent’s Guide series — is also a fan, saying, "What’s cool about dadchelor parties is that men are embracing the concept of fatherhood a lot more actively these day."