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The Definitive Ranking Of Diet Killers

All good diets must come to an end.

31. Opening a 100 Calorie Pack, and then another, and another (and another).

Seriously, who can eat just one of these stupid little packs?

30. Goldfish crackers.

Flickr: shoot-art / Via Creative Commons

They're not even that good. OK, they are. Bastards.

29. Giving in and having a hot dog at a baseball game.

Flickr: 49864606@N04 / Via Creative Commons

It's practically un-American not to.

28. Cheese.

Flickr: anneh632 / Via Creative Commons

All diets start with you saying, "Hold the cheese," then end with you holding cheese and cramming it into your mouth.

27. A bowl of M&M's sitting on a counter and staring at you with puppy dog eyes.

Flickr: vernhart / Via Creative Commons

26. Going to the Cheesecake Factory for their Skinnylicious menu and making a bad choice somewhere along the way.

Flickr: cliff_robin / Via Creative Commons

25. Chipotle

Flickr: khaz / Via Creative Commons

You meant to get a bowl without cheese, but...

24. Convincing yourself you can have a giant plate of pasta to carbo-load for a workout you don't end up having.

Flickr: tamaki / Via Creative Commons

23. Cupcakes.

Flickr: muyyum / Via Creative Commons

These things are everywhere nowadays, and pose a serious threat to any diet.

22. Shopping at Costco when all the samples are out.

Flickr: krynsky / Via Creative Commons

21. When you snap at Starbucks and order a Frap with lots of whipped cream and chocolate.

Flickr: pgneto / Via Creative Commons

...and then give the barista a fake name to hide your shame.

20. "Fun-size" candy.

Flickr: number657 / Via Creative Commons

"I'll have just one," you tell yourself. Yeah, right.

19. Mac 'n' cheese.

Flickr: 427 / Via Creative Commons

A few weeks into your diet you start to crave comfort food.

18. When you have nothing but diet food in the house and remember that a man will bring you egg rolls if you just pick up the phone.

Flickr: piratejohnny / Via Creative Commons

17. Doritos.

Flickr: 61095495@N00 / Via Creative Commons

This squirrel was down 15 ounces until the Doritos cravings became too strong.

16. Noticing a new Ben & Jerry's flavor in the frozen food aisle en route to the Lean Cuisines.

Flickr: heatherweaver / Via Creative Commons

15. Movie theater popcorn.

Flickr: jeffgunn / Via Creative Commons

You tried watching a movie without snacks and you did not like it.

14. Shopping at the mall when you catch a whiff of Cinnabon.

Flickr: revrev / Via Creative Commons

It takes some serious will power not to answer that siren call.

13. Bacon.

Flickr: cookbookman / Via Creative Commons

Just bacon.

12. Passing a Taco Bell at 2 a.m. after a night out.

Flickr: voteprime / Via Creative Commons

11. Driving past a Krispy Kreme at the very moment they turn on the "Hot Now" sign.

Flickr: ableman / Via Creative Commons

10. When it's the birthday of Earl from accounting and you'd look like a dick if you didn't have a slice.

Flickr: james_chuas / Via Creative Commons

Freaking Earl.

9. This Cookie Butter crack they sell at Trader Joe's.

Flickr: meginsanity / Via Creative Commons

You went to pick up some healthy food, then blacked out and woke up in a dingy motel room next to an empty jar of this stuff.

8. Whenever free, warm bread is put on your table at a restaurant, especially Red Lobster.

Flickr: beleaveme / Via Creative Commons

Free bread is a problem at a lot of restaurants.

7. When your niece or neighbor's kid pressures you into buying their Girl Scout cookies.

Flickr: coralspringstalk / Via Creative Commons

You order six boxes of Thin Mints and eight boxes of Samoas. You know, for the kids.

6. McDonald's fries.

Flickr: shane_ronemus / Via Creative Commons

You can live without the burgers, but the fries haunt your dreams.

5. Alcohol.

Flickr: pinguino / Via Creative Commons

High caloric alcohol + lowered impulse control = Adiós, diet!

4. Pizza.

Flickr: sethw / Via Creative Commons

The end begins with your friend saying, "We ordered pizza, but I'm pretty sure I've got some carrot sticks in the fridge you can eat."

3. Warm chips right out of the fryer at a Mexican restaurant.

Flickr: mhaithaca / Via Creative Commons

It's just not fair, really.

2. Nutella.

Flickr: gymnasticks / Via Creative Commons

When you start rationalizing "Nutella isn't chocolate, so..." you're done for.

1. Appetizers.

Flickr: robenjoyce / Via Creative Commons

No. 1 rule of Gremlin ownership: Do not feed them after dark. No. 1 rule of being on a diet: Do not order an appetizer. NEVER ORDER AN APPETIZER!