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    The 23 Worst Things About Flying With A Baby

    Every parent has been there.

    1. Packing the 80 tons of gear your baby requires.

    2. The drama of taking your baby through security.

    3. When the flight you picked because it takes off during your baby’s nap time is delayed.

    4. The dirty looks you receive because you get to board early.

    5. The reactions of people when they realize they’ll be sitting near you.

    6. Your flop sweat at takeoff because you’re so worried about how your baby will behave.

    7. The dad who insists on telling you everything he knows about parenting.

    8. Not being able to use your iPad because your baby is watching it.

    9. The awkwardness of a seat mate who won’t stop making faces at the baby.

    10. This sucks even more when you have a baby on your lap.

    11. Not being able to go to the bathroom because the baby is asleep on you.

    12. Having to walk up and down the aisles over and over.

    13. Somehow changing a diaper in the tiny bathroom.

    14. The flight attendant who keeps checking to make sure your baby isn’t disturbing anyone.

    15. When your baby gets airsick and upchucks all over your shirt...

    16. And you realize you won’t be able to change until you reach your destination.

    17. Freaking out that the sneezing passenger behind you is going to get your baby sick.

    18. Your baby's inevitable meltdown...

    19. And the moment you realize there will be no consoling your baby no matter what you do.

    20. The “tough guy” six rows ahead who turns and hollers in your direction.

    21. The way people react when you ask for a little help.

    22. Finally landing at your destination...

    23. And realizing you’ll have to do it all over again in a few days.