The 16 Weirdest Things Kids Watch On YouTube

Your kid isn’t the only one.

1. The opening of Kinder/Surprise eggs

What the heck this is: Banned in the U.S., Kinder eggs are made of chocolate and filled with little toys. Surprise eggs are made of plastic - so they’re legal here - and also filled with toys. Anyway, people make videos of themselves opening these eggs, and little kids watch them for hours.

Biggest WTF fact: The unrivaled star of this genre is “Disney Collector,” who has notched more than 2 BILLION views of her videos on YouTube!

Can you handle the excitement?

2. Masha and the Bear

What the heck this is: A Russian children’s television series focusing on the adventures of the good natured yet mischievous Masha, and Bear, a former circus performer.

Biggest WTF fact: Masha speaks Russian, so all the little English speaking kids who watch these religiously have no idea what the heck she’s saying!

3. Egg hatchings

What the heck this is: Baby chicks hatching from their eggs and entering the world.

Biggest WTF fact:
The above video has been viewed nearly 11 million times, mainly by little kids who are probably ready to hear about the birds and the bees.

Kids will be asking about this later.

4. Cake tutorials

What the heck this is: Bakers leading their viewers step-by-step through the process of making a cake.

Biggest WTF fact:
Some of the most popular videos feature the making of unusual cakes, like this sneaker cake.

5. American Girl Doll Stop Motion (AGSM)

What the heck this is: American Girl fanatics make films starring their dolls using the animation technique of stop motion. It’s a tedious process that requires taking thousands of photos and spending countless hours editing.

Biggest WTF fact:
In addition to original stories like the one above (which is about girls racing to make it to school), there are hard-to-believe videos that recreate pop/rock videos like “Gangnam Style” and movies like Frozen.

A The Hunger Games re-enactment? Why not?

6. Play-Doh reviews

What the heck this is: Play-Doh enthusiasts give their opinion on a Play-Doh product while demonstrating how it works.

Biggest WTF fact:
The most viewed video of this kind is a review of an ice cream themed set, Scoops ‘n Treats. It has nearly 56 million views.

7. The “Daddy Finger” song

What the heck this is: A somewhat creepy nursery rhyme with a tune that will not leave your head as much as you want it to.

Biggest WTF fact:
There are Spiderman, The Hulk, and X-Men versions of this song, each with millions of views.

8. Kids meeting princesses

What the heck this is: Family filmed videos at Disneyland and Disneyworld of kids meeting Snow White and the gang.

Biggest WTF fact:
There are a surprising amount of these videos featuring grown men geeking out over meeting the princesses.

Cutest .gif ever.

9. My Little Pony videos

What the heck this is: Dramatic scenes created by YouTubers starring My Little Pony figurines.

Biggest WTF fact:
These are dramatic scenes created by YouTubers starring My Little Pony figurines.

Bronies must love these.

10. EvanTubeHD

What the heck this is: A father and son run YouTube channel starring the son, Evan, who reviews toys and video games, makes humorous videos, and creates claymation scenes.
Biggest WTF fact:
A 2013 Newsweek article noted not only that the channel has more views than Katy Perry’s channel, but earns an estimated $41,000 per year.

This .gif makes me so uncomfortable.

11. Spongebob in Minecraft

What the heck this is: Fan made clips of Spongebob Squarepants made using the popular game Minecraft.

Biggest WTF fact:
There are also The Simpsons clips made with Minecraft.

Warning… the voices are usually all wrong.

12. Matchbox/Hot Wheels cars

What the heck this is: Videos of Hot Wheels cars racing, shooting down ramps, and doing crazy stunts.

Biggest WTF fact:
One of the most popular videos features Hot Wheels that are rocket powered.

Pretty cool, kid.

13. Unboxings.

What the heck this is: These are literally just videos of people taking toys out of their boxes.

Biggest WTF fact:
The most popular of these videos get tens of millions of views. Tens of millions of views of people opening boxes.

Behold! The opening of a box!

14. Plants vs. Zombies run throughs

What the heck this is: People playing the popular video game, often with commentary.

Biggest WTF fact:
Many kids who watch these have never even played the game.

Even better than watching paint drying.

15. Rosie’s World (or any other video hosted by a kid)

What the heck this is: A channel hosted by Rosie, a little girl who pretends to be a princess, does cooking tutorials, and puts on fashion shows.

Biggest WTF fact:
Rosie’s World has over 23,000 subscribers and 35 million views.

16. Let’s Go English

What the heck this is: A Chinese program intended to teach Chinese children English.

Biggest WTF fact:
English speaking kids watch this on repeat even though 95% is in Chinese!

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