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Tell Us Your Kid's Worst Public Meltdown

You KNOW you've got a story.

It’s just a fact of life — if you’re a parent, you’ve suffered through your kid having an epic tantrum in public.

For example, your kid might have thrown a colossal fit right on the street that made you want to disappear.

Or maybe the level-10 tantrum happened in the middle of a busy store!

It’s also possible your kid lost it in line at an amusement park and EVERYONE was staring at you.

Your kid might've even had a tantrum in front of people over something totally ridiculous — like not being able to drive a tractor.

So we want to know — what was your kid’s worst public meltdown AND how did you handle it?

Put your kid’s tantrum AND how you responded to it in the dropbox below and it could be featured in a future BuzzFeed post!