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We Want To Hear What It Was Like Giving Birth During *All Of This*

These aren't your normal birth stories.

Giving birth can be a challenging experience even in normal times, but the coronavirus has made it a whole lot more complicated. So, if you had a baby during all of *waves at everything*, we want to hear about what it was like.

Did you have to wear a mask while giving birth?

A pregnant woman wears a mask while in labor
Famveld / Getty Images

Did you have to give birth with fewer people in the room than you originally hoped? Or perhaps even without your partner because of a no-partner policy?

A woman holds someone's hand as she gives birth
Naphtalina / Getty Images

Were things at the hospital different than they were during your previous deliveries because of the coronavirus?

A doctor wearing a mask and face shield delivers a baby
John Moore / Getty Images

Did you have to test for the coronavirus before entering the hospital, and learn you might be separated from your baby if the test came back positive?

A pregnant woman holds a positive test for Covid-19
Somemeans / Getty Images

Or, if you gave birth at home, did you have to take precautions before allowing a midwife or doula inside?

A midwife cuts a baby's umbilical cord after a woman had a water birth
Myrrha / Getty Images

Whatever your childbirth experience was during this trying time, we want to hear it! Tell us in the comments below and it could be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post.