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Tell Us Someone's Name That Made You Go, "That's One I Haven't Heard Before!"

Boring names need not apply.

First, let me say there’s nothing wrong with having a typical name. Names like John, Chris, Emily, and Kate are utilitarian and get the job done.

cgratto / Via

Bonus: you never have trouble finding your name on a Coke.

But every once in a while you meet someone whose parents were not about that noise and WENT FOR IT.


For example, you might know someone who named their baby after a surprising character in a book, film, or TV show.


Or maybe a friend/acquaintance/living legend told you they named their baby "Cheese," which apparently a handful of people do every year.

mltorres3 / Via

It's also possible you know someone who got real creative with their name choice and sort of just made it up. / / Via Flickr/Creative Commons

"Audio Science" is the actual name actress Shannyn Sossamon gave her kid. Celebs get a lot of attention for their surprising name choices, but regular folks do it all the time too.

You might even know a guy named Ynot Bubba.

Virgin Produced

Yes, that's a real guy's real name (although he wasn't born with it — he had it legally changed). Still, if you meet a guy named "Ynot Bubba," you don't forget it!

Whatever the name is that made you stop and think, “That’s a new one!” we want to hear it! Put the name and where you heard it in the dropbox below and it could be featured in a future BuzzFeed post!