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Tell Us Someone's Name That Made You Go, "That's One I Haven't Heard Before!"

Boring names need not apply.

First, let me say there’s nothing wrong with having a typical name. Names like John, Chris, Emily, and Kate are utilitarian and get the job done.

But every once in a while you meet someone whose parents were not about that noise and WENT FOR IT.

For example, you might know someone who named their baby after a surprising character in a book, film, or TV show.

Or maybe a friend/acquaintance/living legend told you they named their baby "Cheese," which apparently a handful of people do every year.

It's also possible you know someone who got real creative with their name choice and sort of just made it up.

You might even know a guy named Ynot Bubba.

Whatever the name is that made you stop and think, “That’s a new one!” we want to hear it! Put the name and where you heard it in the dropbox below and it could be featured in a future BuzzFeed post!