10 Surprising Facts About Aerosmith From Guitarist Joe Perry

    The legendary guitarist opens up in Rocks: My Life in and Out of Aerosmith about music, family, and putting up with Steven Tyler.

    Joe Perry told BuzzFeed News recently that he wrote his new autobiography, Rocks: My Life in and Out of Aerosmith, because he wanted to explore the question "How the hell did we manage to do it?" The "it," of course, being taking the band he co-founded at age 19 with a group of Three Stooges-loving kids in Massachusetts and turning it into what is often referred to as "America's Greatest Rock 'N' Roll Band."

    So how did Perry and Co. do it? Here are 10 surprising revelations from Perry's autobiography that help answer that question — and more — in candid detail:

    1. Perry plays guitar backward.

    2. In Aerosmith's early days, lead singer Steven Tyler had sticky fingers.

    3. One of the band's biggest early hits, "Sweet Emotion," featured lyrics by Tyler about his disdain for Perry's then-wife, Elyssa Jerret.

    4. Perry quit Aerosmith in 1979 after Jerrett threw a glass of milk at the wife of bassist Tom Hamilton.

    5. In 2009, Tyler blew off a week of songwriting sessions with Perry to secretly fly to England and audition for Led Zeppelin.

    6. Aerosmith's career was in trouble after the flop of 1985 album Done With Mirrors, but they made a major comeback with an unlikely rap-rock collaboration.

    7. Perry not only jammed with Kiss on stage, he got to watch backstage as they put on their iconic makeup and costumes.

    8. Perry's 29-year marriage to second wife Billie Montgomery is one of the longest in rock 'n' roll.

    9. After a show in Detroit when Kid Rock opened for Aerosmith, Rock's then-girlfriend Pamela Anderson sat on the lap of Perry’s 14-year-old son, Tony, and fed him pizza bite by bite.

    10. Despite everything, Perry thinks Aerosmith's swan song is still on the horizon.