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13 Super Fun Ways You Can Celebrate Ramadan With Your Kids

The holy month can be a fun month too.

To celebrate the Muslim holiday of Ramadan, craft stylist Manal Aman of Hello Holy Days! created a number of super cool crafts, games and treats that parents can share with their kids:

1. Ramadan Fruit Kebobs

"One of Ramadan’s traditions is to break fast with dates," Aman wrote on her website. "For a fun twist, fashion dates into wonderful fruit kebobs!"

Find the recipe here.

2. Paper Bag Mosques

Find the how-to AND a free printable here.

3. Ramadan Drummer Paper Bag Puppets

These puppets look so amazing when you're finished you'd be forgiven for not realizing they're made with little more than paper bags! Find the how-to here.

4. Crescent Star Garlic Bread Bites

These garlic bread bites are filled with mozzarella, which means they're pretty much guaranteed not to last.

Find the recipe here.

5. Cardboard Tube Stamps

Kids of all ages can make these in just five minutes. Find the how-to here.

6. Crescent Star Treats

These treats are perfect for parents who like to keep things healthy. (Although still delicious!) Find the recipe here.

7. Eid Guessing Game

The holiday of Eid al-Fitr marks the end of Ramadan, and one of its traditions is to give out money to children. You can introduces the tradition to your kids with this fun guessing game.

Find the how-to here.

8. Moon Sighting Binoculars

Aman writes, "Get kids involved in the tradition of moon sighting with binoculars they can help put together." Find the how-to here.

9. Crescent Star Cake

You can find the recipe here or watch a video tutorial.

10. Ramadan Kids’ Table Crayons

Now this is a table setting kids can get behind. Find the how-to and free printable here.

11. 8 Pointed Star Photo Frames

"One of the traditions of Eid is to wear new clothes," Aman says. This craft lets kids frame a photo of themselves wearing their new duds. Find the how-to here.

12. Ramadan Paper Chain

Your kids will have a great time making this impressive looking decoration. Find the how-to here.

13. Ramadan Sensory Box

This activity is ideal for teaching your children about the traditions of the holiday. Find the how-to here.

This piece is part of a series of posts and essays celebrating Ramadan. Click here to read more!

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