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    17 Struggles Only Parents Of Constantly Fighting Siblings Know

    This is way beyond sibling rivalry.

    1. Wanting just a few minutes of peace and quiet when you wake up, but never getting it.


    You haven't even had your coffee yet.

    2. Dreading having to drive your kids anywhere because you know the backseat will devolve into a UFC match...


    And it's been that way as long as you can remember.

    "I WILL TURN THIS CAR AROUND!" you scream, un-ironically and ineffectually.

    3. Hating that you have to say clichéd parenting statements like, "That's enough of that, you two!"

    Buena Vista Pictures

    But seriously, that's enough of that, you two.

    4. Knowing that the minute you finally get to sit down you will hear this:


    5. Dying inside when you turn to introduce your kids to someone and they're doing this:

    Fox Searchlight

    "You're a butt head!"

    "No you're a butt head!"

    6. Shuddering when it starts to rain because it means your kids are going to be cooped up together indoors.


    7. Of course, even on the sunniest of days they still find ways to torture each other.

    8. Trying to defuse the epic battle that's guaranteed to happen when one of your kids refuses to share.


    9. Warning your oldest they have to go easier on their younger sibling...


    Only to realize that your youngest might be the most dangerous of them all.

    10. Deciding if your kids' behavior means you'll have to leave the game in the third or fourth inning.

    There's nothing quite like enjoying 47 minutes of fun at the ballpark.

    11. Stumbling across written proof of just how deep your kids' issues run.


    "If I were invisible I would check on my brother to see if he is being bad. If he is I will tell on him, and then I will do it again. I love telling on my brother."

    12. Enjoying a daydream about what it would be like to have kids who get along...

    The WB

    Only to have reality rear its ugly head.

    13. Doing damage control when one of your kid's disses hits too close to home.

    Paramount Pictures

    "You have friends. You know you have friends. Don't let her get to you!"

    14. Making the mistake of thinking things will be different on your kids' birthdays.

    "Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you. Happy birthday, dear jerk face, happy birthday to you."

    15. Trying extreme forms of discipline to get your kids to get along...

    And then seeing the effort really pay off.



    16. Trying to get one of your kids to admit they actually care about their sibling.


    17. And waiting patiently for the day when your kids stop hating — and start loving — each other.

    Columbia Pictures

    It will come. I promise.

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