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There's Now Underwear That Saves Dads From Getting Hit In The Junk By Their Kids

The underwear is actually called "Fridaballs."

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Little kids have an uncanny ability to kick, punch, elbow, and headbutt the, uh, region on a near daily basis.

In fact, considering the volume of these attacks it's amazing any dad ever manages to have a second kid.

Chelsea Hirschhorn, co-founder and CEO of Fridababy, told BuzzFeed the idea was sparked by the punishment her husband received at the hands (and feet) of their sons.

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"I didn’t take his complaints too seriously at first (I mean, I birthed these kids from my own body, so it’s tough to compete with that frame of reference), but after witnessing one particularly rough incident, I decided to investigate and found 3 million videos on YouTube of dads 'taking one for the team.' I was convinced – this is a real problem that needed a solution."