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21 Signs You're The Parent In The Office

Don't make me turn this company around!

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7. Instead of a "work spouse" you have a "work kid."

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This is Tommy. He's been really missing his parents ever since he moved here from Des Moines, but you've given him a lot of guidance and support.


11. And you have to try especially hard not to say something snide when your co-workers complain about being tired.

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"I totally stayed up on a Netflix binge, man. Now I'm like the most tired person in the world!" Riiiiiight.


13. When your co-workers discuss the latest movies you can only chime in about kid's movies.

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"The Wolf Of Wall Street sounds great, guys, but you know what else is great? Frozen!"


17. Taking co-workers out for lunch in your car is super embarrassing.

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"Just brush those fishies onto the floor, and don't be afraid to cram up against the car seat. It won't break, I promise!"