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    21 Signs You're The Parent In The Office

    Don't make me turn this company around!

    1. You sometimes can't help but think your co-workers act a little bit like your kids.

    2. Which inevitably leads to your going all "parent" on them.

    3. You have an uncanny ability to tune things out.

    4. Everyone knows which Tupperware is yours in the fridge.

    5. During work birthday celebrations you somehow always end up cutting the cake and distributing pieces.

    6. You're known around the office as the master of the bad pun.

    7. Instead of a "work spouse" you have a "work kid."

    8. Your cubicle is plastered with photos of your kids.

    9. You often go around the office turning off lights.

    10. You're pretty much always exhausted.

    11. And you have to try especially hard not to say something snide when your co-workers complain about being tired.

    12. You take more calls on your cell phone than anyone else in the office.

    13. When your co-workers discuss the latest movies you can only chime in about kid's movies.

    14. Also, when they discuss all of the off-the-chain parties they went to over the weekend...

    You mention that you went to a party too but decline to give any further details.

    15. You always brush off going out for drinks and are the first one through the door when the work day ends.

    16. When you do go out for drinks, or to an office party, you never stay long.

    17. Taking co-workers out for lunch in your car is super embarrassing.

    18. You're the most likely person in the office to leave a note like this:

    19. You've accidentally said something to a co-worker that you normally say to your kid.

    20. You sometimes annoy your co-workers by absentmindedly humming the theme song to Dora The Explorer.

    21. And lastly, you're the first one to congratulate a co-worker on becoming a parent.