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25 Signs You're A Family Of Christmas Fanatics

The Christmas spirit is in your genes.

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2. That's because you get your cards out before December 1st, and your family photo is on point.

3. The weekends leading up to Christmas are ridiculously over-programmed because there's so much you want to do.

Tree lightings, concerts, parades, parties, ice skating, performances of The Nutcraker and A Christmas Carol... Ack!

4. You spend way too much at Trader Joe's because your family is addicted to their Christmas treats.

"WHO ATE THE LAST PEPPERMINT JOE JOE?!?!?!?!" - Each of you, at some point.


5. You take your Elf On The Shelf game very, very seriously.

And you probably have more than one elf.

7. You can't stop yourself from cutting down a tree... even though you already own an artificial one.

8. Between all of the Christmas nuts in your family you have so many ornaments that it’s pretty much impossible to find a place for all of them on the tree.

That's why it's a good thing you have two trees.


9. Your family does not do generic stockings.

11. You've worn matching Christmas sweaters, too.

But these you'll rock in public, loud and proud.

12. Also, full disclosure: Your kids have definitely dressed up as little Santas, reindeer, or elves.

13. Your family has a lot of Christmas movies, and you feel anxiety about getting a chance to watch them all.

But you always watch A Christmas Story, Elf, and Christmas Vacation first. Speaking of Christmas Vacation...

15. This time of year your kitchen is pretty much baking holiday treats 24/7.

16. And don't even play like you don't make a gingerbread house.

But what your family really wants to do is make gingerbread cities.

17. Christmas crafts? Your kids are all about them.

And so are you.


20. You don't just take Christmas photos, but recreate ones from the past.

21. Everyone in your family has their own Xmas playlist, and you fight over who gets to play theirs next.

This is actually terrific, because then you can hear every Christmas song under the sun.