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    16 Signs That I Can't Believe Exist In The World

    A sign is worth a thousand words.

    1. This store, apparently, has a real spitting problem:

    u/TrixieAaa / Via

    2. And I think we can imagine what prompted this:


    3. Gamers, you're going to have to explain this one to me:

    u/thiccfa420 / Via

    4. This store had to take a stand against soggy money:

    u/timmy0101 / Via

    5. And I guess it's a problem elsewhere, too — yuck:

    u/GooberThumbFace / Via

    6. This sign makes me think, Those poor restaurant workers:

    u/FreshPowder556 / Via

    7. Ditto for this one:

    u/frontmynack / Via

    8. The produce shoppers who inspired the posting of this one get a big "Really?" from me:

    u/elxclusivlyonline / Via

    9. I guess lots of people get high and crave pancakes:

    u/Elm3r666 / Via

    10. And a lot of people on meth go here:

    u/Blah372 / Via

    11. It had to be said, I guess:

    u/seehispugnosedface / Via

    12. This market took a strong stance on this issue, for some reason:

    u/DisregardThisOrDont / Via

    13. This sign just makes me feel bad for everyone associated with the Woolworths Neutral Bay car park:

    u/showmedawaee / Via

    14. And this one makes me feel for this building's custodians:

    u/TrippyJay / Via

    15. This one makes me want to stop drinking water:

    u/Lovebot_AI / Via

    16. And this one...actually, this one is totally understandable:

    u/RigorMortia / Via

    H/T: r/trashy