23 Jaw-Dropping Events In Movie History That Actually Happened

    Hollywood isn't like anywhere else (and that's probably a good thing).

    1. Gary Busey once refused to perform a scene set in heaven because he said the set design looked nothing like the real heaven he visited during a near-death experience.

    2. Mrs. Doubtfire almost had a sequel where Robin Williams again went undercover as a woman — this time to keep an eye on his daughter at college.

    Mrs Doubtfire and college students studying on a campus lawn

    3. All three films in the popular Jeepers Creepers horror franchise were written and directed by Victor Salva, a convicted child molester who spent 15 months in jail after sexually abusing the 12-year-old star of his first film Clownhouse.

    The monster thing in Jeepers Creepers chokes Justin Long

    4. I Love Trouble was co-written and produced by Nancy Meyers and starred Julia Roberts and Nick Nolte at the height of their stardom, but bombed largely because the co-stars hated each other with a red-hot passion.

    Julia Roberts and Nick Nolte looking at each other miserably in the movie

    5. Pretty in Pink was originally supposed to end with Molly Ringwald's Andie ending up with Jon Cryer's Duckie, but test audiences hated it so much they re-shot a new ending where she ends up with Andrew McCarthy's Blaine.

    McCarthy, Ringwald, and Cryer looking very 80s in the movie

    6. Filmmaker Ed Solomon, who co-wrote all three Bill & Ted's films, was — very briefly — a prime suspect in the grisly Night Stalker murder spree.

    7. The screenplay for Pretty Women was originally a gritty drama titled $3,000, and didn't end with Vivian and Edward together.

    A fake pretty woman poster with the title 3000 and a fake review calling it dark and gritty

    8. Ocean's 11 trilogy star Matt Damon actually reprised his Linus Caldwell character in Ocean's 8, the woman-lead reboot of the Ocean's 11 series, but his cameo was surprisingly left on the cutting room floor in the wake of his comments about sexual misconduct.

    Matt Damon and the oceans 8 poster

    9. The Wizard of Oz is a timeless classic, but it was a troubled production that had an unheard of five — yes, five — different directors.

    Director Victor Fleming directing Judy Garland and other cast

    10. Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford partied all night with the Rolling Stones and then showed up to film The Empire Strikes Back flying high.

    Fisher and Ford looking a little stoned in an Empire Strikes back scene

    11. Sylvester Stallone and Richard Gere have hated each other since the '70s, and once nearly came to blows at a party over Princess Diana.

    Stallone and Gere

    12. When making 1992's Aladdin, Disney's animators based the title character on Tom Cruise, the world's biggest star at the time.

    A side-by-side image of Cruise and the animated Aladdin looking very similar

    13. Jerry Lewis — yes, the comedian — made a dramatic movie about an imprisoned clown who entertains Jewish children in a Nazi concentration camp, and it was so bad Lewis never let anyone see it.

    Jerry Lewis as the clown in his ill-fated movie

    14. Screen legend Greta Garbo was so humiliated by the poor reviews for her 1941 film Two-Faced Woman that — despite only being 36 and living another 48 years — she never appeared in another film ever again.

    A glamorous photo of Garbo

    15. A Fantastic Four movie was made in 1994 — more than a decade before 2005's Fantastic Four starring Chris Evans and Jessica Alba — but was never was released.

    The cast of the original Fantastic Four in budget costumes

    16. Kel O'Neill spent weeks playing Eli Sunday in There Will Be Blood until he was fired and replaced by Paul Dano.

    Kel O'Neill and Paul Dano

    17. Bill Murray was replaced by Bernie Mac in the Charlie's Angels sequel Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle because he allegedly headbutted the director and feuded with co-star Lucy Liu.

    Bill Murray with the angels and then Bernie Mac with them

    18. Julie Christie and Donald Sutherland — President Coriolanus Snow from The Hunger Games films himself — had sex on camera in 1973's Don't Look Now...maybe.

    Sutherland looks at Christie, turned on, in the film

    19. The United States military was originally going to supply costumes, props — and even planes — to be used in 1996's Independence Day, but they withdrew their support upon learning that Area 51 was part of the plot.

    Planes lift off from an air base to fight incoming alien ships

    20. Rosario Dawson had never acted when, while sitting on her apartment building's front stoop, she was discovered and soon offered her first film role.

    Dawson in her first film and today

    21. Star Vic Morrow and two child actors were killed on the set of Twilight Zone: The Movie under questionable circumstances, but the film was still released as a big summer release.

    Morrow and the twilight zone the movie poster

    22. A bizarre sequel to Gladiator — where Russell Crowe’s Maximus would’ve returned from the dead and traveled through time to the modern day — was developed.

    Crowe as the gladiator

    23. Bruce Willis was first offered Patrick Swayze's role in Ghost (opposite his then-wife Demi Moore), and the production originally didn't want Whoopi Goldberg in her iconic role as Oda Mae Brown.

    Whoopi as Oda May and Bruce and Demi