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Posted on Jan 14, 2014

School Today Vs. When We Were Kids

A lot has changed since the last bell rang.

Not paying attention, then:

Not paying attention, today:

Fox / Via

Asking someone to prom, then:

Miramax Films / Via

Asking someone to prom, today:

Plagiarizing, then:

Plagiarizing, today:

Remember, kids, you can't just copy + paste. You have to reformat the text too!

Valentine's Day, then:

Valentine's Day, today:

Most schools have banned candy on Feb. 14. Oh, the humanity.

Summer break, then:

Universal Pictures / Via

Soaking up the rays from early June until September.

Summer break, today:

New Line Cinema / Via

School districts have added extra days to the school year to keep students from falling behind the rest of the world. Enjoy those measly seven weeks off, kids!

Sitting on the carpet, then:

Jeka /

We called this "Indian style." (Cringes)

Sitting on the carpet, today:

Flickr: bullemhead

It's now known as "crisscross apple sauce."

Smoking pot, then:

Gramercy Pictures / Via

Behind the gymnasium on the down low. Shh!

Smoking pot, today:

Facebook: girlstoking

Posted on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

Learning about your teacher's private lives, then:

Flickr: mermaid99

The extent of what you knew about your teachers came from the rare times you ran into them at the supermarket. "Did you see Mr. O'Brien had beer in his cart? Haha!"

Learning about your teacher's private lives, today:


Facebook,, and even a cursory Google search turn up all kinds of embarrassing information, like a skimpy bikini photo an ex won't take down.

Graduation, then:

Flickr: massgovernor

It was for completing high school after 12 years of hard work.

Graduation, today:

Flickr: quinn

It's for every grade including kindergarten!

Lunch, then:

Flickr: spcbrass

Peanut butter and jelly was a perennial favorite.

Lunch, today:

Flickr: fornal

This is as close as you'll get to a PB&J — most schools have banned peanut butter due to nut allergies.

Staying home sick, then:

NBCUniversal / Via

Nothing but boring day time talk shows to watch.

Staying home sick, today:

Netflix / Via

Netflix means kids can watch thousands of programs including stuff their parents wouldn't let them watch under normal circumstances.

Getting a bad grade, then:

Columbia Pictures / Via

Parents assumed it was your fault and gave you a good talking to.

Getting a bad grade, today:

Lifetime / Via

Parents assume it's the teacher's fault and give the teacher a good talking to.

Backpacks, then:

Flickr: andyz

Each of your teachers insisted that you bring your textbook to class every day, and you've got the back problems to prove it.

Backpacks, today:

Many schools have gone digital and use tablets, which means that kids get to forego the back pain and look super cool walking down the halls.

When a teacher shows a movie, then:

When a teacher shows a movie, today:

Warner Bros. / Via

Some things never change.

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