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18 "Nope!" Photos That Will Absolutely Ruin Your Day

Warning: You'll regret this the rest of the day.

1. Imagine climbing up here and then realizing you have to get back down:

Back when I was a genius teenager. from nope

2. Or going cave exploring and getting into this tight spot:

Cave exploring, nope! from nope

3. Imagine entering your room and seeing this:

40 deg celcius but i aint using that aircon from nope

4. Imagine feeling...something, so you look down at your zipper:

This guy found a centipede on his zipper from nope

5. Imagine being the exterminator who went into an attic and found this yellow jacket nest:

As an exterminator, you cant say nope, but this yellow jacket nest in an attic made me want to from nope

6. Imagine taking a walk after a flood and seeing this:

During a flood, most insects seek high places to stay away from water. from nope

7. Or walking past this abandoned shed and seeing this mask/nest nightmare:

Hornets found an old mask sitting in an abandoned shed and built a nest around it. Nope. from nope

8. Imagine looking into your backyard and seeing these kitties:

Mountain lions moving back into boulder during lockdown. from nope

9. Or coming face-to-face with this one:

Look at this absolute fucking unit of a monster. from nope

10. OK! Time for spider stuff! Imagine using the toilet and then turning to get some paper:

Might be a good idea to try the next stall from nope

11. Or worse, flushing and seeing this:

Watch out where you sit from nope

12. Imagine going to get your Amazon package and:

Amazon had told me my package was delivered, but no one had rung and there was no package on the front porch lol from nope

13. Or imagine changing the drywall behind your shower and discovering you haven't been showering alone:

Changing the drywall behind my shower. That board you see is a 2x6. I may have been showering with him and that is a hard nope. from nope

14. Imagine the power going out, then going to check the power box and seeing this nightmare:

Nope I can live without power from nope

15. And — last spider one — imagine lifting a piece of broccoli to eat it and...:

I found a spider cooked in my broccoli from nope

16. Imagine enjoying a little kayaking when:

Just here to ruin your day from nope

17. Or driving somewhere when this new friend slithered out of the air conditioner vent:

Snake in a car. Holy hell from nope

18. And lastly, imagine parachuting out of a plane, and then seeing your landing location filled with thousands and THOUSANDS of gyrating jellyfish:

Not something you want to see when landing from a parachute... Sea full of Jellyfish. from thalassophobia

Basically all of us right now.


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