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18 "Nope!" Photos That Will Absolutely Ruin Your Day

Warning: You'll regret this the rest of the day.

1. Imagine climbing up here and then realizing you have to get back down:

2. Or going cave exploring and getting into this tight spot:

3. Imagine entering your room and seeing this:

4. Imagine feeling...something, so you look down at your zipper:

5. Imagine being the exterminator who went into an attic and found this yellow jacket nest:

6. Imagine taking a walk after a flood and seeing this:

7. Or walking past this abandoned shed and seeing this mask/nest nightmare:

8. Imagine looking into your backyard and seeing these kitties:

9. Or coming face-to-face with this one:

10. OK! Time for spider stuff! Imagine using the toilet and then turning to get some paper:

11. Or worse, flushing and seeing this:

12. Imagine going to get your Amazon package and:

13. Or imagine changing the drywall behind your shower and discovering you haven't been showering alone:

15. And — last spider one — imagine lifting a piece of broccoli to eat it and...:

16. Imagine enjoying a little kayaking when:

17. Or driving somewhere when this new friend slithered out of the air conditioner vent:

18. And lastly, imagine parachuting out of a plane, and then seeing your landing location filled with thousands and THOUSANDS of gyrating jellyfish: 

Basically all of us right now.