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16 Uninspiring Meals That People Had The Misfortune Of Eating

We had such high hopes for you!

1. This Caesar salad that really should want more for itself:

2. This cheese plate that probably says "Sorry" way too much:

3. This steak dinner that's considering signing up for a self-help seminar:

4. This lunch that settles for less than it deserves in life:

5. This meal that is tired of listening to their mom tell them they're not reaching their full potential:

6. This carbonara that beats itself up for even the smallest of mistakes:

7. This chicken and waffle meal that thinks people are talking badly about them even when they're not:

8. This sandwich that says, "I dunno, whatever you think" when someone asks their opinion:

9. This birthday cake that doesn't think it deserves candles:

10. This burger that assumes people hate them if they don't text back immediately:

11. This Margherita pizza that should love itself enough not to go out in public like this:

12. This noodle dish that constantly judges other noodle dishes:

13. This sandwich that looks in the mirror and says, "You're good enough, you're smart enough...":

14. This meal that lets people walk (er, draw) all over them:

15. This pizza slice that reads negative things into everyone's comments:

16. And this mac and cheese meal that has so much potential if they'd only apply themselves a little more: