WARNING: If You Hate Feeling Awkward And Cringey, Do Not Read These Texts

    You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll want to burn your phone.

    1. This guy, who tried to shoot his shot and...:

    2. And this guy, who may or may not have been shooting his shot but the cringe was just as severe:

    Rip from sadcringe

    3. This "super liked" soul on Tinder, who deserved better:

    4. This BTS super fan who will not rest until everyone is as obsessed with the group as they are:

    5. This solo concertgoer, who did NOT have a good time.

    6. Sai, who tried to apologize to Ariana by buying her dinner but uh...:

    7. This dude, who thought he had a date:

    8. And this person, who also thought he had a date, but ugh...:

    Oof from sadcringe

    9. This dude, who's so insecure about his height that he, well, just read:

    10. This woman, who tried to sell nudes...and oof:

    11. And this patient of Dr. Marshall, who is going to need to talk about this reply in therapy:

    12. This "number neighbor" who thought it'd be fun to touch base (it was not fun):

    13. This "not-quite-getting-it" person, who sent this to someone who was ignoring them on Snapchat:

    14. This knock-knock joke teller, who got knocked out:

    15. These group project partners, who are both probably like, "How is this happening to me?":

    :( from sadcringe

    16. This person, who turned a simple "Happy New Year!" message awkward and fast:

    17. And this person, who was looking for something to watch, and set off this awkward exchange:

    18. This friend, who 100% regretted this silly response:

    19. This person, who earned a thousand bad karma points:

    Oof from sadcringe

    20. And these kids on Roblox, who had this hilariously cringey exchange, I mean, their siblings did:

    21. This soon-to-be former boyfriend, who uploaded the wrong image:

    22. Diego, who probably isn't passing:

    23. And these two, who agree they're sick of being friends:

    24. This kid, who asked someone out and then was blasted off into space by the response:

    25. This person, who just wanted some birthday love:

    26. Ditto for this person, who maybe should try again in the daytime:

    27. This ex-boyfriend, who was like, "We need to talk about Kevin":

    28. This guy, who can't mourn without porn:

    29. And this guy, who asked for pics at an even worse time:

    30. This NFT owner, who isn't making me take NFTs any more seriously:

    31. This food orderer, who inadvertently made his driver feel awful:

    32. This guy, who shared some music and regretted it:

    33. This guy, who was hyped for a dinner date (emphasis on "was"):

    34. This guy, who had one come-on line and he was gonna use it no matter what, damnit:

    35. This guy, whose cut and paste come-on created some serious cringe: