Hugh Jackman And Ryan Reynolds' Fake Feud On Twitter Is Endlessly Entertaining

    Wolverine vs. Deadpool in 280 characters or less.

    Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman are huge movie stars who also happen to be great friends.

    They make each other laugh.

    A LOT!

    But if you follow them on Twitter, you might not realize they actually like each other as much as they do because they troll each other ALL. THE. TIME.

    1. For example, if you go all the way back to 2016, you will find Hugh RT'd this random Ryan Reynolds fan account just to take a swipe at Ryan.

    Look at you @VancityReynolds coloring inside the lines like a big boy.

    2. Of course, Ryan is no saint — here he is offering support to those victimized by mean ol' Hugh.

    @laughingmanco #FunFact Any former interns of @RealHughJackman are welcome to join my survivor support group.

    3. Then there was the time Ryan shared a Mother's Day video his mom made, and Hugh jumped in to make a dig at Ryan.

    @VancityReynolds Dear Mrs. Reynolds. For having brought up a son the likes of Ryan, I hereby nominate you for sainthood. Happy Mother’s Day. Love Hugh

    4. Ryan, meanwhile, expertly trolled Hugh by responding to this Jeopardy! tweet about a question with the correct answer of "Who is Hugh Jackman?"

    @Jeopardy @RealHughJackman Right? Who IS Hugh Jackman?

    5. Ryan also totally owned Hugh with this response to Hugh's jokey caption.

    @RealHughJackman I don’t recall mentioning underwear.

    6. Before you feel bad for Hugh, though, know there was also the time Hugh batted away Ryan's sort-of-creepy attempt at a takedown, and even implied that Ryan wasn't his friend. Well played.

    Hey Siri. Delete @VancityReynolds contact card. @johnkrasinski I am more than happy to help ... anything for a friend.

    7. Considering all that, it should come as no surprise they can't wish each other happy birthday like normal people. FYI Ryan, tweeting a photo of you impaling your friend on his birthday might be just a bit much.

    Happy Birthday, @RealHughJackman! 50th anniversary is wood, right?

    8. Also a bit much, Hugh? How many passive-aggressive takedowns there are in this birthday greeting.

    Because I’m told that I AM THE NICEST GUY and you’re NOT. @VancityReynolds ... I will let you hug me. Just this once. On your birthday.

    9. A couple years ago, Ryan tweeted an entire tongue-in-cheek political ad about why Hugh should NOT be nominated for his performance in The Front Runner.

    How well do you really know @RealHughJackman?

    I'm not saying Ryan's ad worked, but I'm also not saying it didn't work (Hugh got zero nominations for this performance).

    10. Hugh responded with a video where he had his dog poop on a photo of Ryan as Deadpool.

    11. He also released his own fake anti-Ryan political ad a few weeks later ("The truth? Ryan was only named People magazine's sexiest man alive a year after he met Hugh. Coincidence? Please.").

    Who are you going to trust? Me or @VancityReynolds? (Courtesy of @MTVNews @joshuahorowitz) #OnceUponADeadpool @letsfcancer

    The video was made to help promote Once Upon a Deadpool and the cancer charity Fuck Cancer, so at least this trolling was for a good cause!

    12. Then this year, when Hugh WAS nominated for his performance in Bad Education, Ryan sent him this half-hearted "congrats" video — which Hugh tweeted out with a dig of his own.

    Careful @VancityReynolds ... you’re looking a bit green. (Thank you @TelevisionAcad for making this moment possible!). #EmmyNominations #BadEducation

    13. Now, if you're thinking Ryan's trolly response to Hugh's nomination was a bit much, you need to know Hugh posted this video pretending to be Ryan when Ryan was honored with a star on Hollywood's Walk of Fame.

    @VanCityReynolds asked me to post this 100% real video by him on being honored with a star on Hollywood's Walk of Fame today.

    "Feel free to urinate on my section of the sidewalk."

    My favorite exchange of theirs, though, came as a result of comments Ryan made on Australia's Today show when he said, "He's just an evil person. You guys have all been duped...Hugh Jackman is a fraud."

    14. Hugh, upon hearing this, fired back with "Who you callin' a fraud?" and the perfect image to get Ryan's goat.

    15. Of course, Ryan was ready with an A+ response.

    Alright, guys. Very funny. But you can't fool us — we know you are best buddies!