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    I'm Sorry, But These 19 Restaurants Make Literally No Sense To Me

    What are these places even thinking?

    1. OK, let's start with fancy restaurants — this place charges an arm and a leg to make you eat out of your hand:

    2. And this place — ugh — plates the raspberry sauce with a handprint:

    3. Meanwhile — oh boy — this pizza restaurant delivered a pizza with a latex glove in it:

    4. And this restaurant served water that looked like...this:

    5. Speaking of water, this restaurant stayed open during monsoon season:

    6. This restaurant thought it would be totally normal to hang on the wall an image of a baby with a crab claw grabbing their dad's nose:

    7. And this Mexican restaurant — after taking over a location that previously was a Chinese restaurant — kept the mural and just gave the pandas sombreros and tacos to eat:

    8. This restaurant — no yolk — decided to name itself "Eggslut":

    9. And this restaurant thought it'd be funny to make cutesy threats about how many napkins you can take:

    10. This restaurant painted this offensive math equation on their bathroom door: 

    11. And this restaurant's got a talented cook, but let's be honest, a pretty creepy one too:

    12. And then there are some restaurants with questionable bathrooms — like this one that put razor blades on the seat:

    13. And this one with toilets that are, shall we say, a bit cozy:

    14. And then there are some restaurants I don't get because they are just gross, like this place that rarely cleans under the fryer:

    15. This place that sealed a fly into a table:

    16. And — dear God no — this place with bed bugs under the tables:

    17. This restaurant's cook does his food prep shirtless:

    18. This restaurant's worker stands barefoot on the counter:

    19. And this restaurant is going through some things:

    Did subjecting yourself to all of these highly questionable restaurants make you appreciate the amazing restaurants near you even more? If so, give them some business!