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    These Women Are Renaming Offensive Medical Terms For Motherhood, And It's So Important

    No, your uterus isn't "hostile."

    If you're a woman, you've more than likely been frustrated by the offensive and outdated terminology medical professionals often use to describe you and your body. This is especially true if you're a mother or have tried to conceive.

    For example, if you were pregnant over 35, you were likely told you had a "geriatric pregnancy."

    And if you were having trouble conceiving, your uterus may have been described as "hostile," or your ovaries may have been called "lazy."

    Well, Peanut — a social network dedicated to connecting women throughout all stages of motherhood — has started an important campaign called the Renaming Revolution with the goal of updating these hurtful and shame-inducing terms.

    A graphic where terms like geriatric pregnancy and barren woman are crossed out

    To do this, they enlisted the help of thousands of mothers from around the world and a team of linguists, OBGYNs, and psychologists to create The #RenamingRevolution Motherhood & Fertility Glossary.

    Here are some of the glossary's updated terms that are honestly so much better now:

    Instead of GERIATRIC PREGNANCY for a pregnancy at the age of 35 years or older:

    Text reads 35+ pregnancy

    Instead of BARREN for when someone is facing fertility challenges and hasn’t had children yet:

    Text reads reproductive challenges

    Instead of INFERTILE for struggles to conceive after 12 months of unprotected intercourse:

    Text reads Reproductive struggles

    Instead of BIOLOGICAL CLOCK for the time period when people may consider starting a family:

    Text reads family planning

    Instead of HOSTILE UTERUS for when cervical mucus makes the movement of sperm challenging:

    Text reads uterine lining implantation struggles

    Instead of INCOMPETENT CERVIX for when the cervix shortens and opens early without any other symptoms of labor:

    Text reads early cervical dilation

    Instead of INHOSPITABLE WOMB for when uterine conditions make it difficult to become or stay pregnant:

    text reads uterine lining challenges

    Instead of IRRITABLE UTERUS for when non-labor-inducing contractions occur frequently:

    Text reads irregular contractions

    Instead of LAZY OVARY for when ovaries stop functioning sooner than expected:

    Text reads early ovarian disease

    Instead of a SHY CERVIX for a cervix that tilts back toward the spine:

    Text reads: posterior cervical position

    Instead of POOR OVARIAN RESERVE for when the number and development of eggs is lower than expected:

    text reads low ovarian reserve

    Instead of a VIABILITY SCAN to determine if embryos are present and if the pregnancy is progressing:

    text reads 6-10 week pregnancy scan

    Instead of CHEMICAL PREGNANCY for when an egg is fertilized but never fully implants in the uterus:

    text reads early pregnancy loss

    Instead of FETAL DEMISE for loss of life in the uterus at or after the twentieth week of gestation:

    text reads stillbirth

    Instead of FAILURE TO DESCEND for when a baby gets stuck in the birth canal:

    Text reads blocked descent

    Instead of a NON-VIABLE PREGNANCY for when the fetus or baby is unable to be born alive:

    text reads pregnancy unable to continue

    Instead of FAILED PREGNANCY for a pregnancy that will not carry through to term:

    text reads pregnancy that will not carry to term

    Instead of LATE MISCARRIAGE for loss of a pregnancy between 14 and 24 weeks:

    text reads early stillbirth

    Instead of a SILENT MISCARRIAGE for when the embryo has died but hasn't been released yet:

    Text reads miscarriage without symptoms

    Instead of SPONTANEOUS ABORTION for a loss of pregnancy naturally before 20 weeks:

    Text reads pregnancy loss

    Instead of a VANISHING TWIN for a multiple gestation pregnancy that results in a single delivery due to loss:

    Text reads miscarried multiple

    Instead of INCOMPATIBLE WITH LIFE for when an unborn child is diagnosed with life-limiting conditions:

    Text reads like-limiting diagnosis

    Instead of a LAZY UTERUS for when the uterus does not contract back on its own after pregnancy:

    Text reads uterine atony challenges

    Instead of MORNING SICKNESS for nausea and sickness at any time during pregnancy:

    text reads pregnancy nausea

    Instead of an UNEVENTFUL PREGNANCY for when the second half of pregnancy is without medical complications or challenges:

    text reads: smooth pregnancy

    Instead of BIRTH DEFECT for a physical or biochemical difference present at birth:

    text reads birth difference

    Instead of BIRTH PLAN for plans, priorities, and wants for one's labor experience:

    text reads birth preferences

    Instead of FAILED TRIAL OF LABOR for when a challenging attempt at vaginal delivery suggests that cesarean birth will be safer:

    Text reads trial-led cue for cesarean preferences

    Instead of RUPTURE THE MEMBRANES for when the amniotic fluid is released from around the fetus at any time before labor starts:

    text reads amniotic sac release

    Instead of FAILURE TO PROGRESS for when labor slows and delays delivery of the baby:

    Text reads slowed labor

    Instead of POOR MATERNAL EFFORT for when maternal exhaustion/labor fatigue interferes with fetal descent:

    Text reads slowed labor

    Instead of BIRTH MOTHER for the person who carried the child but is not their mother figure:

    text reads birther

    Instead of BREAST IS BEST:

    text reads fed is best

    Instead of FAILURE TO THRIVE for when a baby is under a certain percentile:

    text reads slow to grow

    Instead of INSUFFICIENT MILK SUPPLY for lower milk production when breastfeeding:

    text reads low milk supply

    Instead of STAY-AT-HOME MOM for a mother who cares for their children full-time:

    text reads full-time childcarer

    Michelle Kennedy, Founder & CEO of Peanut, told BuzzFeed, "Words matter. Changing the harmful discourse and verbiage that's become so normalized as a way to describe women's bodies is long overdue.”

    You can read the complete #RenamingRevolution Motherhood & Fertility Glossary here. Peanut is also sending out printed copies to clinics, classes, and more. You can request one here.