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    17 Reasons People Who Don’t Celebrate Christmas Are Having The Best Day Ever

    You can keep your cheesy sweaters and fruitcake.

    1. You get to sleep in.

    2. While this is happening at many homes:

    This is what's happening at yours:

    3. You can go to the movies during church services.

    4. You're feeling good about your finances.

    5. Discount NBA tickets are yours for the taking.

    6. You've got (no) mail.

    7. Most Starbucks are open.

    8. IHOP is open too.

    9. You can fly somewhere you've been wanting to visit for 20% less than normal.

    10. If you're working, you're making bank.

    11. The casinos are calling your name.

    12. You can have a blast playing tourist.

    13. You can watch whatever you want on TV.

    14. Your drunk uncle is at his own house.

    15. You eat the best Chinese food.

    16. You can have a relaxed hang with your friend.

    17. You don't have to clean this up.