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    19 Quarantine Activities That Are A) Very Funny, And B) Proof We're All Losing It A Bit


    With people self-isolating, they've found some unique ways to entertain themselves. A new Reddit community — r/quarantineactivities — is compiling the most unusual, clever, and hilarious of these activities, and I'm obsessed. Here are some of the best:

    1. This hairstylist transformed her patient boyfriend into George Washington:

    2. And then the next day she gave him a '90s style updo:

    3. This person turned a can of Pringles into modern art:

    4. These parents put glow sticks on their kids and let them run around in the dark:

    5. While this parent printed characters from Where's Waldo and hid them around the house for their kids to search for:

    6. This guy used Photoshop to re-create his favorite painting, The Death of Seneca:

    7. While this guy used Photoshop to have "the boys" over the only way he can while self-isolating:

    8. And this guy found a way to have some beers with old friends:

    9. This family followed through on their plan to go camping over spring break — just indoors:

    10. This guy spent his time mastering an Olympic-level pancake flip:

    11. This person completed this puzzle on the "easy" setting:

    12. This pupper's owner tried to groom them with limited success:

    13. While the owners of this pup made him a home under the stairs:

    14. This person made a very impressive Rube Goldberg machine:

    15. While this person went mountain climbing indoors:

    16. This boy, meanwhile, tried to cut his hair and it didn't go well:

    17. This guy realized he couldn't give out free hugs, so he went this way:

    18. These two found an epic way to celebrate a birthday:

    19. And finally, this person plucked all the seeds off a strawberry because....why not?

    H/T: r/quarantineactivities

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