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21 Problems Only 5-Year-Olds Will Understand

You got 99 problems but a nap ain't one.

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9. When you see something on TV that you want and your parents are like, “For Christmas.”


If your parents are to be believed you'll be getting about 189 presents this Christmas. #NotHoldingYourBreath

10. When something goes wrong with the iPad, you ask your parents for help and they say, “You’ve played on that enough for one day.”

14. When you ask your parents if you can sleep with them and they tell you to sleep in your own room.

15. When your parents tell you, "Five more minutes!" and then say time's up a minute later.


You may not know how to tell time perfectly, but come on! It's been one freaking minute!

20. Being told you can't play cook because it’s wasting food.

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It wouldn't be wasting food if your parents would just eat the eggs, chocolate, and orange juice sandwich you were going to make for them.

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