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    17 "This Is Your Brain On Pregnancy" Fails That Are Just Too Funny

    Pregnancy brain is real, y'all.

    Pregnancy brain (noun): When your brain starts working at 71% (give or take a few) while pregnant.


    Anyone who has been pregnant can tell you pregnancy brain is real. But you know who can really tell you? The following pregnant people who are going THROUGH IT right now:

    1. This woman who washed her dirty Tupperware in the dishwasher with the lid on:

    2. This woman who somehow left her shoes behind in the parking lot of her obstetrician:

    3. This pregnant mom who put her kid's toy in her pocket and then didn't realize it was there until hours into her work day:

    4. This woman who forgot she was in the middle of frying eggs and took a shower...and came back to find them as hard as Captain America's shield:

    5. And this woman who, when preparing to scramble eggs, cracked one in a bowl and one on a plate:

    6. While we're on the subject of breakfast, there's also this woman who left her instant oatmeal in the microwave just a tad (or a thousand tads) too long:

    7. This woman who used the butter, then walked into the garage and left it in her car instead of the refrigerator:

    8. This women who thought she'd ordered a bunch of bananas online, but actually banana:

    9. This woman who was proud of her beautiful coffee cake until she realized she'd made it with fish powder instead of honey powder:

    10. This woman who was totally mystified about where her gallon of milk went:

    11. This woman who ordered a pound of tea leaves without realizing tea leaves are REALLY light...and ended up with this ridiculously large bag:

    12. This woman who left her keys in her front door and didn't realize they were there for three hours:

    13. And this woman, who left her keys in the fridge:

    14. This woman who started a pregnancy journal, but two days in a row could only write that she loves chocolate mousse:

    15. This mom who wore around a jacket with the tag still on it for way longer than she'd like to admit:

    16. This mom who washed her glass spray bottle with some clothes, and ended up with shards all over the bottom of her washing machine:

    17. And lastly, this pregnant mom who drew a stick figure of her family and forgot to make herself pregnant:

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