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The Data Is Out — This Is What Parents Around The World Want To Name Their Babies In 2021

From Australia to Ghana to Japan and beyond.

Nameberry — the online resource with over 70,000 names — is visited every day by people from all over the globe searching for the perfect baby name.

Six newborn babies in a hospital nursery

1. Australia

A girl and two boys play rugby

2. Brazil

A boy smiles in front of the Brazilian flag

3. Canada

Multicultural children smile and raise hands in a classroom

4. China

Chinese children in traditional gowns perform karate

5. Finland

A boy on a mountaintop holds a Finnish flag

6. France

A small boy and girl are dressed in old-timey clothes as they stand in front of the Eiffel Tower

7. Germany

A classroom of german kids meet a dog

8. Ghana

Girls in bright colored clothes hang out together outside a home in ghana

9. India

An Indian girl smiles

10. Ireland

Two Irish school girls play patty cake

11. Israel

A toddler girl holds an Israeli flag for a baby to see

12. Italy

A boy laughs as he's surrounded by pigeons in Venice

13. Japan

Japaese children wear traditional gowns

14. New Zealand

Maori children smile on a couch

15. Nigeria

Two Nigerian children look at each other

16. Pakistan

A Pakistani girl extends her arms in a field of flowers

17. Philippines

Two small boys

18. Poland

Two Polish girls wear crowns at a Three Kings ceremony

19. Russia

A smiling Russian girl

20. South Africa

Three school girls have lunch in South Africa

21. Spain

Two Spanish boys laugh as they play cards

22. Sweden

Three girls clap together

23. United Arab Emirates

A little girl has a butterfly sitting on her nose

24. United Kingdom

Schoolkids run out of the school after the final bell rang

25. The United States

American kids walk in a fourth of july parade

You can find lists of more popular baby names from around the world on Nameberry's website.