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    31 Wild Photos That Prove Life In Russia Is Unlike Anywhere Else

    Russia is a place that has to be seen to be believed.

    Hi friends (or should I say comrades...tee!). I’m an American who in no way, shape, or form is an expert on Russia. I’ve never been there, nor have I read any books about it. I have seen Rocky IV (which was pretty cool), but that’s about the extent of my expertise.

    In "Rocky IV," Stallone punches out Drago in the boxing ring
    Mgm / ©MGM / courtesy Everett Collection

    Anyway, I recently found the subreddit r/ANormalDayInRussia, which has lots of photos of what life is like in Russia. And, from the looks of things, it’s quite the place!

    1. For example, it appears Russians do weddings a little differently.

    2. And that includes wedding photos.

    3. Their graves are a little different from what we're used to here too.

    4. They definitely make a statement!

    5. I don't want to generalize but it seems like maybe safety isn't quite the priority it is elsewhere?

    6. I'm not saying these expansion seats weren't, uh, perfectly safe.

    Stadium is Russia didn't meet FIFA qualifications for the World Cup next year, so they added 18K seats in the most terrifying way possible

    Twitter: @nickgrodo

    7. Or that this airport isn't 100% safe.

    8. Or that this isn't an absolutely serviceable mode of transportation.

    9. I'm just saying, you know, that Russians might have slightly different safety standards is all.

    10. Russians sure look like tough people.

    11. Like, you don't want to mess with this girl.

    (Yes, it checks out.)


    12. And you definitely don't want to mess with this one.

    13. But after growing up on play areas like this...

    14. ...and this, you wouldn't expect anything else.

    15. They still play around as adults too!

    16. Russians are resourceful, which I appreciate.

    17. Boy, it sure looks like it can get cold in Russia.

    18. But I like how people there don't let it stop them from doing their thing.

    19. Oh. Well, I mean for the most part.

    20. Fall looks really pretty there (minus the bombs and whatnot).

    21. Summer looks nice too. OK, so maybe it's not quite a five-star beach. But they do have a handy swimsuit-drying service for just one dollar.

    (This one checks out too.)


    22. What's that? You think that the swimsuit-drying service thing was a joke? Could be. Russians do seem to have quite the sense of humor.

    23. It can be a bit ribald.

    24. But funny!

    25. And they do enjoy their clean humor too.

    26. See? Funny!

    27. They like to laugh. We like to laugh. We're not so different in the end, you know?

    28. Now, I'm not saying I totally understand them. For example, I personally feel having someone pretend to be a Nazi in a cage at a WWII remembrance is a bit irreverent.

    29. And this ad for a security company definitely makes me feel a little uneasy.

    30. But I do like this chicken coupé. Hee. Good one, Russians.

    31. Maybe I'll visit someday. This guy waving at us seems friendly. Think he likes Americans?

    Only one way to find out!!!

    NeighborlyNotary / Giphy / Via

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