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    Parents Are Sharing Photos Of Their Kids' Most Epic Messes And My Mouth Is Wide Open

    Parents: If your home is a mess, you're not alone!

    There are a lot of things parents have to tell their kids to do — their homework, to eat their veggies, to brush their teeth, to go to bed, and, uh, other, weirder things:

    I just had to tell my kid to stop barking at people at McDonald’s ... kids are weird, man.

    But if there's one thing parents DON'T have to tell their kids, it's to make a mess.

    With that in mind, we asked parents of the BuzzFeed Community to show us a photo of the most epic mess their kids made. Here are the submissions that had me both laughing and crying, plus a few other kid-made messes from around the web:

    1. "Bean bag chairs...this happened five years ago and we still find those little balls!"

    Thousands of the balls from inside a ripped bean bag are all over a room

    2. "This was a container of Nesquik and two juice boxes squeezed into the dog's water bowl, then rubbed all over the wall, carpet, and my kid."

    3. "I had to carry her to the tub in a garbage bag."

    4. "My son was supposed to be having quiet time in his room. When it was over, I went in and saw this. He had rearranged everything and took most everything out of the closet. I was dumbfounded! He had never done anything like this before. Took forever to clean up."

    5. From the Instagram's caption: "CRAFT TIME!"

    6. 😳😭🤣

    7. "I returned home from the office and found this 😭."

    8. The Facebook caption: "My toddler was in BIG trouble today! I got a workout in and got rid of LOTS of toys today!"

    9. "This is the work of ONE three-year-old. There is method to her madness: She’s got all the 'vroom vrooms' lined up, and at the top of the screen she’s got all her Mr. Potato Heads organized."

    10. "She's happy with the mess she's made. This mama has learned to just close the door and pretend it's clean at the end of the day."

    11. The Facebook caption: "It's hopeless 😩"

    12. "He stopped trashing the place for a snack break."

    13. From the Instagram's caption: "If you have ever wondered what every piece of clothing your children owned being thrown down the stairs looks like. My three-year-old took it to another level this afternoon while I was breastfeeding and couldn't see what was going on."

    14. "This is probably not an epic mess for everyone, but it is for the clean freak in me. My toddler did this in literally under a minute!"

    15. From the Facebook caption: "This is us. This is real life. This isn’t Pinterest and this isn’t social media."

    16. "She would DESTROY a room. And she couldn’t even WALK yet!"

    17. "We called this the UK lockdown mess. Trying to homeschool my 10-year-old in one room while keeping an eye (or trying to) on my two-year-old. And this was one of the more tidy days!"

    18. From the Instagram caption: "Seriously? #Destruction #ThreeYearOld"

    19. "When it comes to our TRIPLETS, all things are locked up. If they're not, there's only one to blame!"

    Hang in there, parents! And hey, if you ever worried your kids were the only ones making epic messes — now you know you're not alone!

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    Submissions have been edited for length and clarity.