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    33 Photos Of Things That Couldn't Have Come Out Better In A Million Tries

    Sometimes, the world really hits it out of the park.

    1. This one-in-a-million (or is that billion?) salt crystal in a salt packet:

    2. This plant that took being a plant to the next level:

    3. And this da Vinci–perfect circle that some reckless but sort of amazing driver left behind:

    4. Speaking of circles — this pancake that couldn't be any rounder or more golden brown if it wanted to be:

    5. And this waffle wedge that looks almost too perfect to eat:

    6. This incredible "-1" some kid drew that they couldn't repeat in a million tries:

    7. And this freehanded treble clef that's chef's kiss:

    8. This nose mark a dog left behind that a Disney animator would be hard-pressed to replicate:

    9. This Lego head that was destined to be fancy and patiently waited for the day:

    10. This curly fry that is three times longer than any I've ever been blessed with:

    11. And this gorgeous tortilla chip that feels like a minor miracle:

    12. This tomato, just...this perfect tomato:

    13. And this snowball, which looks like it was packed by Michelangelo himself:

    14. These cute kitties with impossibly cute mustaches:

    15. This rock that took thousands of years to become this amazing:

    16. And this one that might've taken even longer:

    17. This roasted marshmallow that looks better than the approximately 1,498 marshmallows I've roasted in my life:

    18. These shoes that feel like they were created to walk this hallway:

    19. This tree that is perfectly framed by this window:

    20. This cheese that became one with this burger patty:

    21. And this bun on a cheeseburger that's almost as perfect: 

    22. These uncannily perfect shadows that really belong in a paint store:

    23. This rainbow that just showed up in a school and put on a show:

    24. And this sun and a peephole that teamed up to make magic:

    25. This Slurpee that won't be easily repeated:

    26. This sweet baby's hair that looks like the sky in Vincent van Gogh's "Starry Night":

    27. This snowflake that's so pretty, it makes me want to cry:

    28. And these bananas that just did a really fantastic job of becoming bananas:

    29. Lest you think bananas are the only fruit that can reach that level of perfection, I present to you this orange:

    30. And this strawberry:

    31. This gift wrap job that belongs in an art museum:

    32. This box of Tic Tacs that is not like all the rest:

    33. And this gorgeous view that has to give you a little hope, you know?