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    34 People Who Were Roasted So Hard, Someone Should Check On Them

    They're gonna need aloe for these burns.

    1. This prince of a gent:

    Its hard prince-thug life from rareinsults

    2. Jake Paul:

    One cent > Jake Paul from rareinsults

    3. This anti-mask air traveler:

    Flight attendant has had enough from rareinsults

    4. This guy who tried to come for Jenna Marbles:

    The ratio on this tweet is good, but the replies hidden by the OP were even better from rareinsults

    5. Whoever upset Jeff:

    Quiet kids are too good at roasting from memes

    6. YouTube's LegalEagle:

    How do I unread something? from rareinsults

    7. Steven Seagal:

    This one is true from rareinsults

    8. This sister:

    This kid has a future in roasting from rareinsults

    Her little brother commented: "You look like the 27-year-old substitute teacher that doesn't know how to make class quiet."

    9. This author:

    Absolutely ruined by his own kid from rareinsults

    10. Pedro Pascal:

    The Duality of Man from rareinsults

    11. Ian:

    “Hi guys! Thanks for tuning in to another episode of Forgotten Weapons!” from rareinsults

    12. Mercedes:

    Spat out my drink from rareinsults

    13. This mother's kid:

    Mother knows the best from rareinsults

    14. Adam Driver:

    They do look alike to be fair from rareinsults

    15. Kanye:

    It’s all I can think when he talks now from rareinsults

    16. Whoever annoyed this commenter:

    What do you even say back to an insult like this from rareinsults

    17. Harvey Weinstein:

    Screw this, I’m just gonna go to Petland from rareinsults

    18. This YouTuber and also, I guess, us:

    In a parallel universe where the insult is towards us, the readers. from rareinsults

    19. Kids born in 2050:

    Imagine being born this way then getting in a roast session in grade school. “Tommy I KNOW yo artificial ass ain’t talkin! How you get made in a whole lab and still ugly?”

    Twitter: @yalljust_myfans

    20. Jimmy Fallon:

    So sorry Jimmy from rareinsults

    It reads: "In Joker, Arthur suffers from a condition that causes him to laugh loudly and uncontrollably, even when things are not funny. When he tries to do stand up, he has difficulty finishing a joke due to laughing too hard. This is a reference to Jimmy Fallon, who the character is based on."

    21. Whoever cooked this brisket:

    @LincolnRiley If you drop your phone in water you could put it in a bag with this brisket to dry it out

    Twitter: @CookbookTrail

    22. New Jerseyans:

    New Jersey just legalized marijuana so now you are finally allowed to get high enough that you forget you live in New Jersey

    Twitter: @DaddyNugLove

    23. This ex-husband:

    Looking for an electric corkscrew. This review sold me. from rareinsults

    24. John:

    Her Majesty the President from rareinsults

    25. This guy who tweeted "Enough with the WFH sweats. Dress like the adult you're getting paid to be":

    The best one from this thread from rareinsults

    26. Newscaster Linsey Davis (and her top):

    I'm never wearing this again from rareinsults

    27. Vanilla Ice:

    He is going to need some ice , ice baby for that burn . from rareinsults

    28. This woman who said "College students do not have to go in debt to get a degree. They can work their way through it like many of us did...":

    Only a few shekels from rareinsults

    29. Mark Zuckerberg:

    My favourite rare insult of all time from rareinsults

    30. And, uh, Mark Zuckerberg:

    Even Facebook can't delete that.... from rareinsults

    31. Lil Pump:

    On a facebook post about Lil Pump and Eminem from rareinsults

    32. Mr. Indoor Sunglasses:

    Seriously it does look like that. from rareinsults

    33. This teacher:

    I gave my class a "learning assessment" and got absolutely roasted by a student. from MurderedByWords

    The teacher asked her students to name the most impactful lesson she'd given, and one wrote: "I'll let you know when we get to the first lesson."

    34. And lastly, this band:

    They do look very similar from rareinsults

    HT: r/rareinsults

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