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    19 Dumbasses Who Dumbassed So Hard It Hurts

    These people will make you feel like Albert freaking Einstein.

    Let's be real — we can all be dumbasses from time to time. I've been a dumbass, you've been a dumbass. There's no shame to it.


    Thankfully, this post isn't about either of us being dumbasses. It's about other people being dumbasses, which is a lot more fun! For example:

    1. This dumbass who, while chopping white onions and listening to music, chopped up their white headphones too:

    I'm a dumbass. Never cutting onions and listening to music at the same time again from facepalm

    2. This dumbass who accidentally ordered toddler-sized sneakers instead of adult-sized ones:

    my dumbass really ordered toddler shoes thinking they were my size, wtf am i supposed to do w this lmfao

    Twitter: @daisyysantiago

    3. This dumbass who put a bandage on his finger NEXT to his cut finger, then wondered why his finger kept hurting so much:

    Put a bandaid on last night for my cut... wondered all morning why I was still feeling the sting. Dumbass. from facepalm

    4. This dumbass who drove 95 miles per hour with her legs crossed:

    My friends dumbass girlfriend from IdiotsInCars

    5. This dumbass who put hot charcoal from their grill into their trash can and burnt a hole through it:

    WCGW if my fucking dumbass neighbor put hot charcoal from his grill into a trashcan from Whatcouldgowrong

    6. This dumbass who claimed he was covering his face because of the sun but his shadow told another story:

    Stay in school dumbass from facepalm

    7. This dumbass who bought bay leaves at the store for a full year before he realized he had a bay tree in front of his home:

    My dumbass has been buying bay leaves when there's a bay tree outside my front door. I've lived here over a year. from facepalm

    8. This dumbass who tried to make mac 'n' cheese without any water:

    Just made Mac and cheese without the water. Whoops. from dumbass

    9. And this dumbass who put lip balm on their paper instead of glue:

    My dumbass put lip balm instead of glue. from facepalm

    10. This dumbass who tried to drain hot fry oil into a plastic bucket:

    A dumbass drained hot fry oil into a plastic bucket from Wellthatsucks

    11. This dumbass who thought ordering his burger with "no sesame bun" meant he'd still get a bun, just not a sesame one:

    My dumbass thought no sesame bun meant I’d get a plain one instead from facepalm

    12. This dumbass who locked his lock around his bike's tire and spokes and absolutely nothing else:

    My brothers a dumbass from facepalm

    13. This dumbass who poured soy sauce onto his French toast thinking it was syrup:

    Guess who thought the soy sauce was syrup this morning :/ from Wellthatsucks

    14. And this dumbass who cooked their pizza upside down:

    Wow I am a dumbass (and very tired). I've never done this before.

    Twitter: @ajlatrace

    15. This dumbass who tried to kill any trace of the coronavirus on his cash by cooking it in the microwave:

    A friend's client paid him in cash. He put the cash in the microwave to kill traces of coronavirus from cringepics

    16. This dumbass who thought "bonjour" was spelled "bone jaw":

    “Bone jaw” from BoneAppleTea

    17. This dumbass who forgot to close their car door as it was being parked:

    Remember to close your door before using an automated parking system. from Wellthatsucks

    18. This dumbass who brought raw beef to work for lunch instead of pizza:

    Rushing out the door this morning I thought I grabbed the leftover pizza from the fridge. Nope. It’s a chunk of raw beef. from Wellthatsucks

    19. And, oh man, this poor dumbass who tried to help cut down a tree and, well, take a look:

    Tree: 1, Dumbass: 0 from HadToHurt

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