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    I Am Officially Never Eating Again After Seeing These 19 Photos

    Eating isn't for the faint of heart.

    1. This person who got several bites into this bowl of cereal before realizing those little floating things were ants:

    2. And this person who literally DISLOCATED THEIR JAW while trying to eat a bowl of cereal:

    3. This person who cracked an egg to fry up and OH MY WHAT:

    4. This person who chomped into an apple and got a bonus bite of worm and worm larvae:

    5. And this pour soul — gag — who accidentally baked a fly into their chocolate chip cookie:

    6. This person who tried to eat AND read emails:

    7. This person who just wanted to eat some ice cream on the pier:

    8. And this hungry person who only wanted to enjoy some rotisserie chicken:

    9. This guy who thought that he could avoid burning his fingers if he ran his hot dish to the couch quickly enough — but slipped and went headfirst into the wall:

    10. This person who returned home after a long day only to discover — doh! — they forgot to plug in their slow cooker:

    11. This college student who just wanted some rice before class, but opened their pack to find — blech! — a chunk of mold:

    12. This person who was well on their way to a cooked meal when they heard a CRACK:

    13. This chili lover who accidentally stepped on their cat while going down the stairs:

    14. And this person who got cut off while transporting chili to a dinner party — and slammed on the brakes:

    15. This person who tried to impress their in-laws by cooking a breakfast casserole in what they THOUGHT was an oven-safe dish:

    16. This person who ordered soup and then watched the delivery guy drop it on the floor:

    17. And this person whose delivery pizza showed up like this:

    18. This person who toiled away making lasagna and then:

    19. And this person in a rush who bagged their lunch and (accidentally) tossed it, then bagged the dirty kitty litter and brought it to work:

    H/t: r/Wellthatsucks