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    Humans Are Getting Dumber By The Day And Here's The Proof

    We're all doomed, but you knew that already, didn't you?

    1. The Mensa member smoking next to all of these propane tanks:

    u/iloveass2much / Via

    2. And the Jeopardy! champs trying to pick their car's lock to get their keys out...when the back window is taped over:

    u/beaverkc / Via

    3. This vacationing family of flat-earthers:

    /enenamas / Via

    4. And their fellow flat-earther who made this compelling argument that Earth is not a spinning ball, y'all:

    u/GallowBoob / Via

    5. The man who tried to smuggle a kilo of cocaine into Spain by hiding it under his toupee:

    Spanish National Police

    6. And the 7% of American ADULTS who think chocolate milk comes from brown cows:

    7. The person who locked their bike so it could never, ever be stolen:

    u/BetaJelly / Via

    8. The person who took to Facebook to blast this store for selling a zero candle because no one turns "0" — duh:

    u/kyxiePi / Via

    9. Whoever engineered this washing machine setup:

    u/Cross76_Cz / Via

    10. The woman who proudly wore this shirt:

    u/taxfraudguy / Via

    11. The people who replied to the challenge "Name a country without the letter 'A' in the name" with these answers:

    u/The_Kendawg / Via

    "Europe," "Ohio," Newyork," "London," "Africa." D'oh!

    12. This easily confused coffee and tea enthusiast:

    u/ColbertNation_ / Via

    13. This texter who really needs a mind reader:

    u/Jackal_Main_0224 / Via

    14. The da Vinci-level genius who posted this:

    u/My_Memes_Will_Cure_U / Via

    15. And the "disappointed" person who gave this phone case only one star because it has "remove protective film" written all over it:

    u/moboa / Via

    And don't even get me started on the 485 people who found this review helpful!

    HT: r/facepalm

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