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17 People Who Made Horrible Mistakes, And Thank Goodness Because They're Hilarious

They're crying, we're laughing.

1. The dad who sent his daughter a slightly wrong-sized cutting board as a housewarming gift:

2. And this poor soul thought he was ordering a normal-sized chair:

3. This person who tried to order wrapping paper online and had things go in a very unexpected direction:

4. This coworker who put dry ice in the toilet by mistake, making it look like boil boil toil(et) and trouble:

5. This person who ordered groceries online and ended up with way more bananas than they wanted:

6. And this person who messed up even worse than the banana person, and now has enough baking soda to last until the next millennium: 

7. This jazz columnist who made a terror-ible mistake:

8. And, while we're discussing jazz, this shirt designer who designed this image and saw no issues:

9. This IRL Griswold who spent hours wiring their home with Christmas lights only to see this:

10. This person who was pleased with the gutter installation, then realized...ooooooh:

11. This person who at least won't suffer from teeth inflammation:

12. And this cake maker who at least used the correct "your":

13. This person who didn't understand why their audiobook was so darn confusing:

14. This driver who waited for years to get a photo of their car at 111,111 miles, and — doh! — ended up with this:

15. This parent whose spelling lesson wasn't quite clear enough:

16. This person who tried to take a panoramic photo of their dog and ended up with a nightmare image:

17. And this kitty, who wants to get meow-t of there: