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27 People Who Are Way Worse At Parenting Than You

These "parents" will make you feel like a freaking Huxtable.

1. This mom desperate for a smoking buddy.

2. This partying pregnant lady.

3. This nervous new dad.

4. These a-holes.

5. Kelli.

6. This Dad of the Year.

7. This mom...

8. ...and this dad who really need to re-read their car seat's instruction manual.

9. These parents who don't even bother with a car seat.

10. This moron.

11. This guy who treats his kid like a rag doll...

12. ...and this woman who is almost certainly his wife.

13. This mom on "Bring Your Kids to Work Day."

14. This schmo who is guaranteed to be getting a whole lot of side-eye at the burrito joint.

15. This kid's Maxim-subscribing dad...

16. ...and this joker who makes the Maxim dad look good.

17. Ol' sideburns.

18. This oblivious mom...

19. This oblivious dad...

20. And this oblivious couple.

21. This guy who really needs to put down the phone and check on his kid.

22. This know-it-all who told his son riding a bike is easy.

23. This classy chap.

24. Whoever thought this was OK.

25. This traumatized kid's parents.

26. This soft-headed dad and his equally soft-headed wife.

27. And lastly, this basket case.

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