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    People On Twitter Are Comparing 2020 To Terrible Things And I'm Howling

    "Not great, Bob!"

    It goes without saying that no one needs to ask how things are going in 2020.


    But in case anyone needs it broken down into analogies, funny people on Twitter are here to help with "If 2020 were a..." examples:

    (Note: I know a lot of these say "If 2020 was...," but I'm going to go with the grammar Beyoncé taught us.)

    1. If 2020 were a'd be this one Theo wore on The Cosby Show:

    @SylviaKAlston If 2020 was a shirt 😏

    2. And if 2020 were a'd be Sammi and Ronnie on Jersey Shore:

    3. If 2020 were a'd be Annie Wilkes from Misery:

    4. Or maybe it'd be Dan Scott from One Tree Hill:

    5. Wait, no, it'd definitely be this freaking kid:

    If 2020 was a person, it would be the kid who reminds the teacher that they forgot to pass out the homework at the end of class

    6. If 2020 were a'd be this one:

    7. If 2020 were an'd be a machine that's almost always broken:

    if 2020 was an object it would be a mcdonald’s ice cream machine

    8. If 2020 were a'd be this one, definitely:

    9. If 2020 were a'd be this Irish lunch meat:

    10. If that example doesn't work for you, maybe this one will:

    If 2020 was a food it would be mushrooms x

    (Personally, I love mushrooms, but whatever.)

    11. Or this one:

    If 2020 was a dinner it would be pork chops

    12. OK, so that's food. If 2020 were a'd be the one everyone is leaving behind at the stores even now:

    13. Or maybe it'd be this:

    If 2020 was a drink it would be sparkling water

    14. Or this:

    If 2020 was a drink it would be unsweet tea

    15. No, wait, it's definitely this:

    if 2020 was a drink it’d be bong water

    16. If 2020 were a Game of Thrones'd be Ramsay Bolton:

    If 2020 was a Game of Thrones character

    17. And if it were a Friends character, it'd you even have to ask?

    if 2020 was a friends character it would be ross

    18. If 2020 were a Gossip Girl girl'd be Georgina Sparks:

    19. If 2020 were a Gilmore Girls'd be this one:

    20. But then again, maybe it'd be this one:

    if 2020 was a gilmore girls episode

    21. And if 2020 were a baseball'd be this blown call on what would've been the final out of a perfect game:

    Yup, it's been that kind of year.