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    16 People Who Are Like, "Don't Even Think Of Complaining About Your Day To Me!"

    Some days are worse than others.

    1. This sculptor who dropped her artwork facedown:

    A sculpture of a head that has been smashed in
    Kelmeno / Via

    2. This guy who purchased a watermelon during a train stop and didn’t realize that it didn’t fit through the bars:

    A man holds a watermelon outside the windows of a moving train
    SluggishStudent / Via

    3. And this guy who accidentally washed his leather gloves:

    Tiny leather gloves in a man's hand
    gene100001 / Via

    4. This hearse driver who forgot to secure the coffin:

    A coffin has smashed through the back window of a hearse
    roroar350 / Via

    5. And this driver who forgot to secure their boat:

    At a stop light a boat has gone over the top of a truck, denting it
    hanste2 / Via

    6. This person who chose the absolute worst time to participate in this game challenge:

    A game card saying to show your phone to the other players and a phone with a text notification about an STD
    GeraldinePacheco712 / Via

    7. This person who dropped their electric toothbrush but never heard it hit the ground:

    A phone stuck in the toilet brush holder
    Jukkster / Via

    8. And this person whose kitchen has been like this for three months because they'd just started the process of redoing their kitchen when the coronavirus hit:

    A kitchen that has been torn apart for renovation
    legolas156 / Via

    9. This person who forgot to put their dog in the kennel before leaving:

    A destroyed couch in a family room
    PJwonder / Via

    10. This person who didn't strap in the egg trolleys properly:

    Hundreds or thousands of smashed eggs in a truck
    yourmate24 / Via

    11. And this person who forgot to tighten the corn hopper:

    Grain on a train track extends into the distance
    tibiapartner / Via

    12. This groom-to-be whose bachelor party turned into a one-person affair thanks to the coronavirus:

    A man gives a thumbs up while cooking a steak and drinking a beer alone
    Dr_Phan_Tastic / Via

    (But hey, you're still getting married! Congrats!)

    13. This person who tried to order a stamp with one of their favorite images:

    A stamp that stamps "Linked image not found"
    DelusionalMeatball / Via

    14. This woman whose boyfriend dropped her makeup bag:

    A makeup bag with broken makeup everywhere in it
    dinklederp / Via

    15. This gentleman who got his license and discovered that it made him look like a ghost:

    16. And this person who was only trying to eat some breakfast when a bat flew INTO THEIR FACE and then DROPPED INTO THE BOWL:

    A bowl of cereal with a bat, that's right, a bat in it
    pabbit41 / Via

    Nope, nope, nope, nope.

    H/T: r/Whatcouldgowrong and r/Wellthatsucks